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Tank Water Heaters

Tank Water Heater Service by The Sunny Plumber

The Sunny Plumber offers complete tank water heater services in Tucson, AZ. Tank water heaters are one of the most popular water heating systems in the country. They offer consistent hot water and can meet the demands of homes with high hot water demand. You probably use your hot water heater every single day to bath, wash your clothes or clean your dishes. With such an important job, when you need water heater services in Tucson, AZ you want to work with a plumber that has years of experience and training working with all different types of water. At The Sunny Plumber, we hire expert plumbers in Tucson who show up on time, dress professionally and treat your home with respect. Whether you need a new tank water installed or water heater repairs in Tucson, just give us call. We want each of our customers to be comfortable in their homes. That’s why we take such great care with each job that we do. Contact us today!

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Traditional Tank Water Heaters in Tucson

While the tank water heater vs. tankless water heater debates continues, many homes are enjoying the many benefits of an efficient water heater in Tucson. If you have a large family with children or teenagers, you likely have a large hot water demand. In these situations, tank water heaters are actually a great option. They also last for a very long time which might make them a good investment for many homeowners.

Professional Water Heater Installation

One of the best ways to make sure that your new water heater works well is to get it installed by a professional plumber. The Sunny Plumber offers total water heater installation in Tucson. No matter what kind of brand you want, our skilled plumbers in Tucson can install it for you. Here are some of the benefits of having your water heater installed by a professional.

With our plumbers’ years of experience, we can get your water heater installation completed quickly.
Many municipalities require a licensed contractor to perform any work on gas lines because of the dangers associated with burning fuel in your home. If you have a gas–fired water heater, then this applies to you. Without the proper training, your fuel line or exhaust vent might not get installed properly. In addition to fuel leaks, you may also experience carbon monoxide leaks as well.
Another reason that you want to have a professional plumber install your water heater is to get it done right. The plumbers at The Sunny Plumber have the training and experience to make sure your water heater is installed correctly.

Not only do you have to position the water heater correctly, but there are also gas line hook–ups and water valves that need to be attached. Without the proper training or experience, those attachments might not get installed correctly and can cause huge problems. Call The Sunny Plumber when you need any water heater installation in Tucson.

Tank Water Heater Repair in Tucson

When your water heater breaks down, it can be a huge inconvenience. You want a plumber that can get the job done quickly. The Sunny Plumber offers complete water heater repair in Tucson. Here are some of the most common water heater repairs that we see.

No hot water
If you’re having to take cold showers because you don’t have any hot water, call The Sunny Plumber. There are many different causes for this but it’s usually because of a broken thermostat or a dirty water tank.
Not enough hot water
If your showers are running out of hot water half way through it could just be that your tank water heater isn’t big enough for your home. But if you have a large water heater and you’re still not getting enough hot water then call The Sunny Plumber. We can diagnose the problem quickly and get your water heater working quickly.
Leaking water heater
If your water heater is leaking in Tucson, AZ it usually is a serious problem. Not only is this a waste of water it can also cause major water damage to your home. If you’ve started to notice water pooling around your water heater, call The Sunny Plumber. We’ll get to your house as soon as possible and find a reasonable and competitively priced solution.

Water Heater Maintenance in Tucson

Because your water heater gets so much use every single day, it’s bound to run into problems. But getting regular water heater maintenance in Tucson is a great way to potentially avoid those types of problems. Here are some of the benefits to regular water heater maintenance.

Reduced repairs — During regular water heater maintenance visits, our plumbers will be able to detect small issues before they develop into larger, more costly repairs. Efficiency — We’ll also be able to find any kind of inconsistencies that are causing your water heater to work harder and use more energy. Longer life — We often see water heaters in Tucson, AZ that need replacement because of a small repair that could have been dealt with during regular maintenance.

If you’re having any problems with your water heater or if you need to have a new one installed in Tucson, AZ, just call The Sunny Plumber.

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