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Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation in Tucson

The Sunny Plumber offers professional water heater installation in Tucson. When you need a new water heater installed in your home, make sure that you call The Sunny Plumber. We have many years of experience installing all different types of water heaters including tank, tankless and solar water heaters in Tucson.

At The Sunny Plumber, we realize how critical it is that you have hot water at your home. That’s why we make sure that every water heater installation that we do exceeds our customers’ expectations and our own high standards. We hire highly trained and experienced plumbers in Tucson so you know that you’re getting top quality plumbing services.

Call us today if you need hot water heater installation anywhere in the Tucson, AZ area.

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Water Heater Installation in Tucson

Because your water heater is such a major part of your home, having it installed by a professional plumber in Tucson is a smart idea. Here are some of the benefits to professional water heater installation in Tucson.

Faster service
Because our plumbers have experience installing water heaters, we can get the job done much faster than a nonprofessional.
In certain cases, a gas line might need to be rerouted to reach your hot water heater. Making sure that your gas line is correctly attached to your water heater should be done by a professional and licensed plumber. The Sunny Plumber is licensed to work on all commercial and residential gas lines. Additionally, you also want to make sure that the thermostats and heat sensors are all calibrated correctly so that you don’t get scalded in the shower.
Longer life
We often provide water heater repairs to homes whose water heaters broke because they were installed incorrectly. Improper installation can lead to permanent failure of your water heater system.

Tank vs. Tankless Water Heater Installation in Tucson

Our customers in Tucson often ask us about replacing their tank water heater with a tankless one. While tankless water heaters do offer a number of attractive benefits for certain homes, there are instances when it might be better to use a traditional tank water heater. Here are some of the considerations to take into account regarding tank and tankless water heater installation in Tucson.

If your home has a high demand for hot water, a tank system might actually be better. Tank systems typically can provide plenty of hot water for homes in Tucson, AZ that have children or teenagers. But if you have the budget, multiple tankless water heaters can be used to meet such a high demand.
Energy savings
Because tankless hot water heaters don’t have to constantly heat a large tank of water, they typically offer homes an energy savings.
Initial cost
While they may be able to cut down on the energy required to heat water, tankless systems usually cost more money to buy and install.
If you’re looking for more storage space in your home in Tucson, AZ, a tankless hot water heater is probably a good choice. They can be mounted to your wall and are much smaller than tank water heaters.

If you have any questions about tank or tankless hot water heater installation in Tucson, just call The Sunny Plumber.

Solar Water Heater Installation in Tucson

Because of all the sunshine that we get in Arizona, The Sunny Plumber is proud to offer complete solar water heater services in Tucson. If you’re interested in solar water heater installation for your home, just call The Sunny Plumber.

We would love to work with you to help you install a new water heater at your home. Our team is friendly, they show up on time and they’re professionally dressed. Call us today!

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