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Toilet Repair

Need Fast Toilet Repair in Tucson, Arizona?

The Sunny Plumber provides fast and reliable toilet repairs in Tucson, AZ. The toilets in your home are a critical part of your comfort and your health. While it may be embarrassing to talk about, toilet repairs are an unfortunate part of every homeowner’s life. The Sunny Plumber provides complete toilet repairs in Tucson for all different types and brands of toilets. If your toilets are clogged and you’ve tried using a plunger, it’s time to call The Sunny Plumber.

We can send one of our expert plumbers to your home to diagnose the problem and offer a reasonable and competitively priced solution. We want all of our customers to be comfortable in their homes, which is why we take our jobs so seriously. We know that when drains or a toilet clogs that it can be a real inconvenience for you. We’re committed to the quality of work that we do and to your complete satisfaction. Call us today for all your toilet repairs in Tucson, AZ.

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Toilet Repair Services in Tucson and Beyond

The most common plumbing repair in Tucson that we see is a clogged drain. Your toilet drains get used a lot so it’s only natural that eventually they would experience problems. Normally it’s just a large mass of paper and waste that is blocking your toilets drain. But other times it can be a clog further down your drain or an imbalance in drain pressure. Both of these things can be diagnosed by a professional plumber in Tucson. Although we’re located in the town of Tucson, we offer toilet repair and other plumbing services to a much larger area (see our entire service area). 

If you have a stubborn toilet drain that won’t flush, call The Sunny Plumber. We’ll send one of our plumbers to your home to check out the problem. We use video camera pipe inspection to figure out exactly what is clogging your drain and where it is.

Another fairly common toilet repair in Tucson is a leaking seal. Your toilet is sealed to the drain by a large wax seal. This seal is there to keep water and waste from leaking out of your toilet when you flush it. Over time, the wax can dry out or your toilet may come loose from the seal allowing water to leak out from under your toilet. Normally, this means that you have to replace the wax seal. The Tucson plumbers at The Sunny Plumber can help you do that in no time.

Toilet Drain Maintenance

Probably one on the best ways to avoid having to keep your toilet working well is to get your drains regularly cleaned and inspected. At The Sunny Plumber we offer complete drain cleaning and maintenance in Tucson. We use Scour Jet technology to thoroughly clean out your drains. The Scour Jet produces a very high powered stream of water that breaks up all sorts of clogs and blockages in your drains.

No matter what kind of toilet repairs you need, The Sunny Plumber is there to help. 

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