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You Cannot Afford to Ignore Hard Water!

sunny-plumbersWhen a homeowner has a toilet that is backing up all over the bathroom floor, or a ruptured water line turning their front lawn into a swamp, he or she is going to jump into action swiftly. Not all plumbing problems will elicit the same type of response, however, even if the problem is actually just as deserving of it. The problem is that some homeowners don’t necessarily recognize this as being the case in all situations.

Take the matter of hard water, for instance. No, we don’t mean ice. We mean water that has certain quality issues that we’ll detail a bit more below. Hard water has a lot of negative effects on plumbing systems and water quality in general. Some are immediate and obvious, while others may be more cumulative and take time to surface. All of them should really be resolved as quickly as possible, though. So call us when you need a plumber in Tucson!

What Exactly Are We Talking About Here?

If you hear “water quality problems” and immediately start thinking of scenarios in which you and your family are at risk of health issues, don’t worry. That’s not what hard water is going to result in. Hard water isn’t full of biological pollutants or chemicals that are going to harm you. It’s water that has too high of a mineral content.

Typically we’re talking about things like calcium and magnesium. While this may not mean that your water is unsafe to drink, it does mean that there are some likely problems that will develop over time. What types of problems are we talking about?

So Many Problems!

Yes, health issues aside, there are still a lot of problems that hard water can and will lead to in your home. It can build up in your pipes, for instance, leaving deposits that will constrict the pipes over time. That can throw off water pressure in the system, and even lead to damages.

Plus, these deposits look really ugly on fixtures. Hard water can make it hard to clean your clothes, your dishes, and even your body effectively! And it may result in tap water that doesn’t taste all that great, either.

What’s the Solution?

So many problems, yes, but only one solution is necessary. That’s the good news. You just need to hire our plumbers to install a water softener in your home.

A water softener works by swapping out hard water minerals with sodium minerals. It’s a whole-house system, so you don’t have to worry about where you’re using water in the house. We’ll install your water softener, and then you just have to replenish the softening salt occasionally. It’s that easy. And you know that when our plumbers install your equipment, that equipment will be of a high quality and it will be installed properly, every step of the way. So be sure to contact us if you notice the signs of hard water in your home.

Schedule your water treatment system services with The Sunny Plumber Tucson. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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