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Will a Water Filtration System Reduce Water Flow and Pressure in My Home?

Even with the best water treatment plants removing pollutants from the municipal water supply, the fresh water in your residential plumbing may still contain a variety of contaminants, minerals, and chemicals that it picks up from ground seepage on its way to your home. To protect the health of your household as well as its plumbing, you may need to have a water filter system installed. Call The Sunny Plumber and speak to our professionals experienced with water filtration in Benson, AZ today, and they will help you find the right type of water treatment system to provide your home with clean, healthy water.

A common question that people ask about adding water filters to their plumbing is if it will cause a drop in the water flow from the faucets and other fixtures, or a decrease in water pressure. The answer to this question is in two parts: a) yes, it can; and b) no, it shouldn’t.

This is one of the reasons that it is very important to call on professional plumbers with knowledge installing a variety of water treatment systems for homes. Water filters and reverse osmosis systems must be properly matched to the plumbing so they are not too powerful and end up obstructing water. If you have skilled professionals take care of selecting the unit for your house, you should not experience any noticeable drop in water pressure, and you can enjoy clean water with any interruptions.

We need to point out that water filtration systems that malfunction or are left without routine maintenance will lead to a drop in water flow. Repair troubles in a reverse osmosis system that lead to a depressurized tank will cause water flow to drop to almost nothing; this problem requires professional repairs. Standard filters that trap contamination must have routine maintenance to clean and change the filters, or else the excess particles trapped in the filters will obstruct water flow.

The Sunny Plumber specializes in services for a wide variety of water treatment systems: reverse osmosis, specialty cartridges, water softeners, and water filters. If you are looking for quality water filtration in Benson, AZ that won’t negatively affect your water flow, give us a call to set up an appointment. We also provide water testing services to make sure that we target the specific problems in your water supply.

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