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Why Your Water Is Alternating Between Hot and Cold

Have you ever been washing your hands, or taking a hot shower, and suddenly been blasted with ice-cold water without warning? It’s possible that someone flushed a toilet somewhere, but it’s also possible that there’s actually a problem with your water heater. Read on to find out more about how your water heater might be responsible for the problem.

The Dip Tube

The dip tube is a plastic tube that runs from the water line down through the storage tank in the water heater, and lets out near the bottom. This ensures that all fresh water flowing into the tank will arrive closest to the burner assembly, where it will warm up faster. It also ensures that the cold water will not mix with the warm water, which leaves the tank via a pipe at the top. As the cold water heats, it rises to the top of the tank and the cycle continues. Tankless water heaters don’t use this method, as they don’t use storage tanks at all.

The problem is that the dip tube wears down over time, just like every other part of the water heater. Eventually, the part can degrade so much that it cracks, leaking cold water into the top of the tank. This causes the sudden switching between hot and cold while the tap is running. The dip tube can be repaired, depending on the extent of the damage. Most of the time, however, it’s much easier to just replace the part. If you are experiencing wild fluctuations in water temperature while your tap is open, you should have a professional take a look at your water heater.

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