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Why Worry About Slab Leaks?

sunny-plumberWe’re not telling you that you should hunker down in a corner of your home and do nothing but worry about the occurrence of a slab leak. That would be absurd. However, you should at least be aware of slab leaks and the potential for damage that they possess. You should also be prepared to recognize the development of a slab leak on your property so you can act fast should one spring up.

To do so, of course, you’ll first need some background knowledge about what slab leaks are, why they might develop, and how they present themselves. That’s where today’s blog post comes into play. Our Sunny Plumbers are some of the most knowledgeable slab leak experts around, and we’ll help you to handle the undesirable event of a slab leak in your home with as little stress and worry as possible. Call us if you notice any signs in your home.

What Is a Slab Leak?

Your home doesn’t just sit on the grass. It would start to sink, have moisture problems, and develop many other problems if that were the case. The house sits on a concrete slab, and in many cases, pipes run through that concrete slab. You probably see where this is going.

If a leak develops in one of those pipes running under or through your concrete slab, then you’ve got a slab leak on your hands. And this is a huge problem, because that can lead to foundational trouble on your property, causing extensive damage. So how do you get out ahead of this?

Recognizing a Slab Leak

You learn to recognize the signs of a slab leak on your property, and you take those signs very seriously when you come across them. This could mean the sound of running water when you know that none is in use. It could mean cracks developing in the concrete slab, increased water costs, hot spots under your feet, or the development of mold.

Whatever the case, this is not a problem you can afford to ignore. Now that you know how to recognize a slab leak, you need to act and get it resolved! What does that entail? Well, if your slab leak is in Tucson or the surrounding area, it means calling our number!

We Pinpoint and Repair Slab Leaks

A slab leak is going to require some amount of excavation work on your property. You don’t want someone cutting into your concrete slab and going into the process blind, though. We offer slab leak detection services so that we can get an informed idea of where the leak actually is. Once we’ve got it narrowed down to the right area, we can go in and fix the leak with minimal disruption to your property.

This is not a job that just any plumber can handle. This is certainly not a job that an amateur or DIY enthusiast can handle. Make the smart choice on this one!

Contact The Sunny Plumber Tucson for your slab leak service needs. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.


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