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Why Video Pipe Inspection Is So Vital for Your Plumbing

The average home’s plumbing system is vast, complex—and mostly hidden from view. This is advantageous for a lot of reasons, but it also causes a couple of problems, especially when it comes to diagnosing issues in the plumbing system.

For decades, the only way to find a specific plumbing problem was to tear up the pipes until you could physically examine it. That is hardly a cost or energy efficient method. This is why we now use video pipe inspection to make sure that your plumbing, drain, and sewer systems are still in order. Read on to find out more about the advantages of video pipe inspection.

How Video Inspections Works

Video pipe inspection involves inserting a long cord into the plumbing system, with a camera mounted on the end of it. The camera travels through the plumbing system on a pair of motorized wheels, recording images and sending them back to the plumber operating the camera. When the camera has inspected the section of the plumbing system that it is meant to, it is withdrawn without any additional procedure or damage.

Advantages of Video Pipe Inspection

The purpose of video pipe inspection is to highlight plumbing problems that need to be solved, without requiring that any pipes be exhumed for diagnostic purposes. Instead of tearing up the entire plumbing system looking for issues, a plumber can pinpoint all the areas that require professional attention before going in to fix them. This ends up saving a great deal of time and money, compared to the previous solutions. For that reason, you should schedule video pipe inspection services at least once a year for your plumbing.

The Sunny Plumber offers comprehensive pipe inspection services throughout Tucson, AZ. If you need video pipe inspection services of any kind, call today to schedule an appointment. 

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