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Why Use a Garbage Disposal?

stainless-sink-drainThere are many different appliances we use these days to make our lives as convenient and pleasant as possible. Some of them, such as our water heaters or washing machines and dryers, we cannot imagine living without. Others, including the garbage disposal, may not seem quite as necessary to some homeowners. Sure, you can get by without a garbage disposal more than you could without a water heater–but why put limits on the convenience with which you live?

Using a garbage disposal in Tucson, AZ can have a greater impact on your convenience than you may realize. We have to remind you, though, that a garbage disposal installation really is not a job for an amateur to tackle. It may not be the most complex system in your home, but a garbage disposal will definitely benefit from professional services. Consider the following benefits of using a garbage disposal, and leave your plumbing services to us.

Take Less Trash to the Curb

Nobody likes taking the bag out of the trash, taking that bag to the receptacle outside, and then replacing the garbage back in the bin. It is definitely a minor complaint, but it is annoying nonetheless. Well, a garbage disposal is not going to magically get the trash outside for curbside pickup, but it can seriously cut down on the amount of garbage going into your trash barrel. This can help you to cut down on the trips to the curb.

Live More Hygienically

Taking out the trash can be dirty business. When you have food waste festering away in your garbage can, it is even worse. By grinding up the bulk of your food waste with a garbage disposal and sending it out of your home via the drain and sewer system, you can make your life a bit more hygienic. Just remember that not all organic matter can go down the disposal!

Cut Down on Clogs

No, you cannot put everything you’d throw in the trash down your garbage disposal. A lot of organic matter can go down the disposal, though, and that is not only convenient in that it cuts down on trash. It can also help you to prevent drain clogs. Now, you should definitely still be careful to keep items that should not go through the disposal out of the drains. However, food waste that makes it past the strainer and would normally clog up a drain can be handled by the garbage disposal, making clogs less likely to develop.

Avoid Foul Odors

When foodstuff starts to build up in your drains, particularly at a shallow point of the system, foul odors can really begin to test your patience. By flushing all of that food waste out of the system, you can help to avoid the smell of rot from filling your kitchen, particularly in hotter weather. Grinding up food waste and disposing of it with your disposal is a great way to ensure that you are really getting rid of your food waste.

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