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Why Scour Your Pipes?

sunny-plumbersThere are different levels of cleaning, as you probably know from telling your family to do a better job of it (or maybe you’re the one who needs the extra motivation!). In the case of pipes, there is clearing. Then there is cleaning. If you ask us, however, scouring is the way to go. There are a lot of individuals out there that may think they can clean their pipes with harsh chemicals, and there are a lot of companies willing to charge you for drain cleaning services.

The Sunny Plumber Tucson, though? We scour them.

No, this is not just us tooting our own horns. When we say that our jet scour service in Tucson is much more comprehensive than the drain cleanings that other methods allow for, we mean it. What sets a good scour jetting apart from the other methods? Well, let’s take a deeper dive into how it works and the benefits that it has to offer.

The Scour Jetting Method

How do you think drain and sewer lines are most effectively cleared? Hand or power augers? Sure, in some cases. However, these augers can only reach so far when hand-powered, and they’re only so powerful. While power augers can be more effective, they can also leave much of a clog behind. Plus, the real problem may not be the clog itself, but the buildup of grease and waste on the walls of the pipe that led to the accumulation of the clogging materials in the first place.

Okay, then. How about some strong chemicals? Sure, drain openers have their place, and many plumbers can find the right drain opener for certain situations. Tip: it’s never the cheap stuff you find at the hardware store. Now, that being said, these chemicals are corrosive and not very environmentally-friendly. Plus, they may only clear enough of the clog to allow the cleaner itself to make its way through the pipe.

What’s that leave, then? Well, how about water? Yes, that’s right. More specifically, we are talking about highly-pressurized water. With a scour jet setup, we can use a narrow hose with a specialized nozzle to blast away at clogs and buildup in your pipes using nothing but water. It doesn’t just clear clogs, and it doesn’t just clean pipes. It scours interior pipe surfaces for a lasting effect.

The Benefits

Still not sold on scour jet services? Thinking about doing some bargain shopping? If so, best of luck. But take it from our experts, you don’t want to miss these benefits.

  1. Clean pipes mean a reduced risk of clogs building back up any time soon.
  2. When handled properly, this type of equipment is very safe for your pipes.
  3. You’re not going to be dumping chemicals down the drain.

If you’re serious about getting the best performance possible from your drain and sewer system, then scour jet service is for you.

Schedule your scour jetting with our Sunny Plumbers today. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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