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Why We Offer Emergency Plumbing Services

sunny-plumbersWhat do you think of when you imagine an emergency on your property? A structure fire? A major gas leak? These are obviously huge concerns—and a gas leak actually falls under the plumbing category! It is not the only emergency that does, however. Sure, emergencies that pose an immediate threat to your own safety and that of your family are incredibly important to keep in mind and prepare for. But about those emergencies that threaten the condition of your property, or even your convenience?

It is for all of these scenarios that we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Tucson, AZ. And remember, when you need emergency services, you want to know for certain that you are working with a true emergency plumber. There are a lot of plumbers out there that may make themselves available after hours, but that does not mean that they are the best pick for the job. Our goal is to not only provide emergency plumbing services, but those of a quality that you deserve!

We Can Charge a Standard Rate

When you run into a plumbing emergency, you are going to want service—fast. The fact that our emergency plumbers are available at all times means that you can get your service in the prompt manner that may be necessary. When you work with us, you also don’t have to worry about predatory pricing.

Be wary of plumbers that groggily answer their phones, telling you that they’ll be there soon—especially if they are not explicit about their emergency rates. There are plenty of plumbers who will try to gouge you when you are in a vulnerable position, inflating overtime charges and sticking it to you in the bottom line. Our prices may not be the lowest around—and yes, sometimes “you get what you pay for” is true—but we can promise you that they are always fair.

Some Problems Simply Cannot Wait

While one reason we are proud to offer 24/7 plumbing services is to look out for our clients and protect them from the aforementioned abuse, the main reason is really quite simple—you cannot plan on when you’ll encounter an emergency. If you could, it wouldn’t be an emergency, would it? By making ourselves available at all hours of the day, every day, we can rest assured in knowing that our clients are happy.

The best way to ascertain whether or not you are dealing with a plumbing emergency is to give us a call. A leaky faucet over a long weekend may not justify emergency service. But a broken down water heater during a holiday break? That is not something that you can comfortably do without. Remember, it is not just those problems that can damage your home that are to be considered emergencies. Any issue that is going to disrupt your lifestyle is an issue that we are happy to resolve for you, whenever it may strike.

Schedule your emergency plumbing services with The Sunny Plumber Tucson. Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney.

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