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Why Is There a Gross Smell Coming Out of My Drains?

If one of your drains smells like sewage, and it’s wafting throughout the room, you probably have a problem that needs to be professionally addressed. It’s possible that a simple drain cleaning will fix it, or maybe you’re going to need more extensive plumbing services. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your drains smell bad, and what can be done about it.

If It’s Just One Drain

If the bad smells are just coming out of one drain, it means the problem is very likely localized. Good thing for you, as these issues tend to be much easier to fix. If you haven’t used the drain in a while, it’s possible that the p-trap has dried up. The p-trap is the bend in the pipe that is designed to hold water at all times. This prevents sewer gases and other things from making it back up out of the drain. Try running some water down the drain and see if that fixes the problem.

It’s also possible that you have waste buildup on the sides of the drain pipe, which can eventually become bad enough to give off quite a stench. This is especially common with kitchen drains, as they process a lot more food waste. Drain cleaning services should take care of that issue.

If It’s Multiple Drains

If you have a gross smell coming out of many drains in your home at once, it means that you probably have a sewer problem located further down in the system. You’re going to need more extensive plumbing services to locate and solve the problem. You should schedule that soon, since this isn’t a good sign for the overall health of your system.

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