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When Are Drain and Sewer Cleanings Necessary?

logoWhen you see a faucet dripping every time you come into the bathroom or the kitchen, it is pretty clear that this faucet needs repairs, right? What about other parts of your plumbing system that may require service, though? Particularly those parts of the system that you cannot see, and which you don’t really interact with directly? There’s just no way of knowing what kind of shape they’re in, right? So you just wait until something goes wrong before scheduling service.

That’s not the way to handle such components, though, and the logic behind that approach is deeply flawed. Just because you cannot really see your drain and/or sewer lines, after all, doesn’t mean that you cannot catch problems with them early on. Let’s go back to the leaking faucet for a simple example. Even if you cannot see the faucet because it’s dark or you’re in the next room, you can hear the dripping, right? Get all of your senses involved, and you’ll be able to tell if you need drain and/or sewer cleaning in Vail, AZ.

You See Drains Backing Up

Okay, so this one hopefully will be a drain issue. Why? Because a backed up drain is a big enough problem—a backed up sewer line is much, much less pleasant! If you are standing in ankle-deep water after your shower, or if you wash your face and realize that the sink is still full of water, then professional drain cleaning is probably the next step.

You Smell a Foul Odor

We don’t need to get into great detail here, do we? Suffice to say that blockages in your drain and sewer lines can result in some foul odors emanating up from the plumbing fixtures. Now, if it is a localized problem, such as at one particular sink, you could just be dealing with a dry P-trap. However, sewer odors coming from fixtures throughout the house suggest another situation entirely, and you’ll need a professional to assess the problem.

You Hear the Drains Gurgling

Early intervention is always for the best, and one of the earliest signs of trouble with your drain and/or sewer lines is a gurgling sound, as if the drain is sucking water down. Remember, there is no suction pump at the other end of these pipes. Gravity should be enough to keep water and waste moving down the drain lines. If it’s not, then it is probably time for a drain and/or sewer cleaning.

Let Our Professional Plumbers Do the Job (the Right Way!)

When you notice any of these symptoms in your home, you may be tempted to run out to the store for some chemical drain cleaners. These are, at best, only temporary solutions to the problems that you have, though. Thorough drain cleaning with tools like scour jetters are much more effective than these chemical cleaners can hope to be.

Schedule your drain and sewer cleanings with The Sunny Plumber Tucson. We are bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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