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What Not to Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

It may seem like your garbage disposal is an invincible engine of destruction at times. That is not the case, though. A garbage disposal’s lifespan can be cut pretty short if it isn’t treated properly, and unfortunately far too many homeowners damage their garbage disposals without thinking about what they’re doing. In order to help your garbage disposal last as long as possible, take a look at some materials you should keep away from it.


FOG stands for Fats, Oils, and Grease. All of these are often used in cooking, and are typically poured down the disposal afterwards. The problem is that although FOG is liquid during and right after being used, it congeals into a semi-solid sludge as it cools down. This sludge can gum up the disposal impeller, clog the sewer line, and generally make things difficult. It is best to put FOG into a sealable container and throw it away after use.

Ice, Bones, and Pits

Garbage disposal impellers are not made of adamantium; they can’t handle anything and everything you throw at them. If you put ice, meat bones, fruit pits, or objects of similar hardness down the disposal you are almost certain to break the impeller. Throw these materials away, if you want your disposal to last for as long as possible.

Fibrous Foods

Stuff like celery and onion skin is very fibrous, which is great for you but bad for your garbage disposal. If the disposal tries to break up these foods, there is a good chance that the fibers will tangle the impellers and immobilize them. It is a good idea to avoid putting these in your disposal for that reason.

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