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What Is Soap Scum and How Can I Get Rid of It?

Cleaning commercials like to talk about soap scum: that hard, powdery residue left over when you’ve used the shower or bathroom for a while. But they rarely go into what creates it; they mostly want to sell you a generic cleanser in order to temporary alleviate soap scum as a symptom, rather than getting to the root of the problem. Benson water treatment facilities actually play a large role in the creation of soap scum, and you won’t be able to affect what they do. You can, however, inoculate your house against its effects with a water treatment system. “Soap scum: what is it and how do I fight it?” you ask. The answers can be found below.

Soap scum mainly arises due to the influx of hard water – or water with a high mineral content – into your system. Those minerals will mix with dirt from your body and the soap you use to clean it off to create a hard, filmy surface on your shower tiles and walls. Soap scum doesn’t appear overnight; it can take months or years to fully manifest and tends to arrive so slowly that you hardly notice until your bathroom is covered in it.

You can clean it off with store-bought cleansers, and indeed some products out there work solely to remove soap scum from your bathroom. But the conditions that created it in the first place will remain: hard water, your need to regularly clean yourself, and the mixture of dirt, soap and minerals that accompany it. A more permanent solution entails the installation of a whole-house water filter, which severely reduces the mineral content in your water. Not only does that remove one of the key components in the formation of soap scum, but it helps you feel cleaner and fresher after showering, as well as making laundered clothes feel softer and foods cooked with tap water taste better.

If you’re asking “what is soap scum and how can I get rid of it?” The Sunny Plumber can help. We offer Benson plumbing services like water treatment methods, and are skilled at the installation of quality water filtration systems to address them. Give us a call today. We serve all of the Tucson area and we’re ready to find a long-term solution to the soap scum problem.

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