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What Exactly Causes Plumbing Leaks?

logoPlumbing leaks are quite common, as far as plumbing problems go. That doesn’t make them any less maddening. Hopefully you understand just how much trouble even “minor” plumbing leaks can cause. If you ask us, anything that can lead to wasted money, property damage, and even mold growth should never be called “minor”! You will run into plumbing leaks eventually. Fortunately, you’ll get swift and outstanding plumbing repairs in Marana when you call us.

While there is really no way that you can completely eliminate the risk of plumbing leaks, we do think that it is valuable to understand a bit about why such leaks may develop in the first place. A little knowledge is never a bad thing, so keep the following information in mind. It can help you to assess a leak in your home, but please do remember that most, if not all, leaks in your home will require professional repairs.

Your Water Pressure May Be too  High

Yes, low water pressure is a very annoying problem, and one that you should have resolved as soon as possible. However, overly high water pressure is no better. In fact, it could well be worse, as excessive water pressure in your home’s pipes could lead to considerable plumbing damages. Let us figure out exactly why your water pressure is too high.

Your Pipes Are Corroded

There is no such thing as a pipe that is going to last forever. A lot of people talk about copper pipes as if they’ll never corrode, but that’s just not true. Yes, they last a long time, but they will be compromised eventually. You may be able to get away with location-specific repiping if your pipes have rusted out or corroded, but whole-house repiping is sometimes the best, if not the only, option.

Your Trees May Be Thirsty

We don’t live in the wettest of climates, obviously, and it is possible that the plants on your property are very thirsty. Did you know that tree roots can be strong and resourceful enough to seek out the water in your pipes? It’s true. They’ll make their way in there any way they can, which can lead not only to leaks but also serious blockages.

Bad Seals and Connections

We need insist you let professional plumbers, preferably of the sunny variety, install and service your plumbing system. Otherwise, you run the risk of water leaks developing for no other reason than shoddy workmanship. You simply never have to worry about such problems when we tackle the job.

If you think that small water leaks don’t demand your immediate attention, remember what we said up top. You could be looking at mold growth, serious property damage, and even issues with your home’s foundation. Don’t let your money quite literally just go down the drain. The moment you notice a leak, contact us to have it resolved.

The Sunny Plumber Tucson is here for any plumbing repair services that you may need. Contact us today. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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