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What Causes Drain Clogs in My House?

No homeowner wants to think about their drains clogging, but if you have indoor plumbing it is a fact of life that at some point, you will likely have to deal with a clogged drain. However, there are some items you can avoid putting in or around your drains that can help prevent the incidences of repair. You can also schedule annual drain cleaning for your Benson property with the experts at The Sunny Plumber.

No-No’s for Your Drains

Drains and drain pipes are durable, but they aren’t made to withstand everything. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking to reduce the amount of drain clogs in your home:


FOG (fats, oils, grease) is to pipes what barnacles can be to a boat: a stubborn mess. Fats, oils and grease should always be disposed of properly in your home’s trash, not in your sink. Why? FOG loves to cling to piping, particularly when it cools off. And when it does cool off, it can make for a thick, stubborn build-up in your plumbing system that slows water flow considerably, and at some point, stops it completely. Washing FOG down with hot water does not solve the problem and can actually make it worse. This is because hot water melts FOG but doesn’t get rid of it; instead, it just pushes the FOG further down your plumbing.

Human Hair

It’s can be challenging to stop hair from going down your bathroom drains, particularly the shower or bathtub drain. However, there are hair-stoppers and drain covers that can be purchased at any hardware store that can significantly reduce the amount of hair that runs down your bathroom plumbing system.

Food Particles

Unless you have a garbage disposal, you should not put chunks of food down your drain. Even relatively small-sized pieces of food can create an obstacle in your piping and cause slow draining or a clog.

One item you should never put down your drains under any circumstances: over-the-counter drain cleaners. These cleaners are highly caustic and rarely resolve clogging issues. If you have tried plunging, baking soda and white vinegar and boiler water, and still nothing is better, it’s time to call your specialist at The Sunny Plumber and schedule an appointment for our professional drain cleaning service in the Benson area.

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