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What Are Some Common Sink Repairs?

Sinks: they are in the kitchen, in the bathroom, maybe in your laundry room or basement. We usually don’t give them much thought until they aren’t working the way they are supposed to. It can look pretty easy to repair a sink on home repair television shows and online videos, but unless you know exactly what you are doing, it’s best to leave the work to a trained expert. However, it doesn’t hurt to know what some of the common sink repairs are that may occur in your Benson home, so our plumbing experts have put together a list for reference:


Not a surprise, having leaks on a “most common” list for sink repairs, but you’d be surprised how much water even a small faucet leak can waste: more than 3,000 per year. Leaks can be anything from a persistent drip to a flowing of water, and unless you want to deal with a high water bill and potential water damage, it’s important to fix all leaks as soon as possible.

Problems with P-Trap

The u-shaped pipe under your sinks, also known as an S-trap or S-bend, keeps sewer gases from expelling into your home. Common problems that can develop with a P-trap are corrosion (in metal ones), misalignment, leaking and breakage. Because this pipe deals directly with your sewer line, it’s imperative that any problems with it are resolved quickly.

Broken Caulk

One of the biggest tools used to keep water from going where it shouldn’t in your sink is caulk. Caulk also helps hold your sink in place and creates important seals around your sink, so if you are seeing broken pieces of caulk, it’s important to have an expert re-caulk those areas.

No homeowner enjoys wasting water, and hiring an expert to attend to these problems in a fastidious manner helps you, your plumbing and the environment. Having issues with one of your sinks? Call The Sunny Plumber today and schedule an appointment for professional sink repair service in Benson.

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