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Water Heater Problems to Be Aware Of

Water heaters are pretty sturdy, but they’re not invincible. The average person uses hot water multiple times a day, which means that a water heater is put under a lot of strain all year round. That level of use makes problems pretty much inevitable, even with regular maintenance. Considering how much damage some of these problems can cause, it’s important that you be able to identify the warning signs and call for repairs as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the more common water heater problems you may run into.

Dip Tube Issues

The dip tube is a plastic pipe that runs from the water line to the bottom of the water heater tank. It’s designed to ensure that all fresh water flowing into the tank enters closest to the burner assembly. This ensures that fresh water will be heated faster, and will be as far as possible from the already-warm water leaving the tank. If the dip tube cracks or breaks, the cold water from the water line will be able to mix with the hot water leaving the tank. This causes inconsistent temperatures at the faucet. If your hot water tap seems to be alternating between hot and cold water, this might be why.


Any system that deals with large amounts of water is probably going to have an issue with rust at some point. Rust is especially dangerous for water heaters, as it can lead to ruptures that would cause massive water damage to the surrounding area. The anode rod protects the main storage tank of the water heater from rusting, but it needs to be replaced every year or so. Make sure that you have a professional examine your water heater for rust on a regular basis, so that any instances of it can be caught early.

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