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Using Natural Gas Safely

logoHang on a second. Isn’t this supposed to be a plumbing blog? Not only is it supposed to be a plumbing blog, but it is one! (And, we think, a fine one at that.) While some homeowners don’t really think of it as being a plumbing issue, the gas line definitely falls into the jurisdiction of a plumber of choice—hopefully, The Sunny Plumber Tucson. In fact, there are specific laws regarding who can work on and install gas piping, and it takes a licensed plumber to do the job.

Today we want to remind our customers that, yes, natural gas is a truly great, reliable resource. We also want to remind them, however, that natural gas is still a combustible fuel. As is the case with any combustible material, natural gas can be dangerous if not handled properly. The good news is that scheduling your gas piping services with us means that those gas pipes will be in great working order. The bad news is that there are no guarantees in life, so we’ve got some tips to help keep you safe!

What’s That Smell?

An additive, that’s what! That’s right folks, that sulfuric stench that those of us in the know associate with natural gas is not natural at all. It is actually an additive that is put into natural gas to give you more than fair warning that there is a leak in your home. If you smell that rotten egg odor (assuming that you’ve not left a carton of eggs out on the counter by accident) get out of the house and contact the appropriate authorities. If gas line or hookup repairs are needed, count on us to do the job right.

Keep an Eye on the Yard

We are not all master gardeners or lawn care professionals, but there are some pretty obvious signs that your yard is not holding up all that well. One of the most obvious is the development of dying yellow patches on the lawn, or bushes and shrubs that are hanging on by a thread. Why might this happen? Sure, our dry climate may be inhospitable to certain vegetation—but these plants could actually be being poisoned by natural gas. Don’t let your plants or your and your family suffer health setbacks due to gas leaks. We can fix up your gas line in such instances.

This Is a Strange One

You’re sitting on the porch having a refreshing beverage when you notice something strange. It looks like there are little puffs of dirt being blown up into the air on your property. What’s going on here? Is it some sort of strange weather phenomenon? Could it be a poltergeist? What’s going on here?

Well, chances are that the actual issue is less exciting, but quite troublesome regardless—have you guessed where this is going yet? That’s right. This, too, could be the result of a gas leak. The pressure of the leak could be forcing that dirt right up into the air! Let us determine if this is the issue on your property.

Schedule your gas piping services in Tucson with The Sunny Plumber Tucson. Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney.

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