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Plumber Tip: What You Should Know About Leak Detection

Plumbing leaks can be frustrating and incredibly damaging. That’s why knowing the signs of a leak can potentially help you detect it early before it causes serious problems. The Sunny Plumber provides professional leak detection in Tucson. If you suspect that you have a leak in your home it is almost always best to immediately call a professional Tucson plumber for leak repair service. We want our customers to avoid damage from a leaking pip which is why we thought it would be good to assemble a quick list of some of the most common signs of water leaks.

Watch Your Water Bill

One sign that you have a leak is your water bill. If you notice a sudden and unexplained rise in your water bill it could mean that you have a leak somewhere on your property. Not all leaks will show up as water on the ground. If the leaking pipe is buried in the ground you may not be able to see it but it will show up on your water bill.

Hearing Running Water

If you have all of your appliances turned off but you still hear water running through your pipes it could mean that you have a water leak in your home.

Soggy or Raised Patches of Ground

If you start to notice that there are soggy or raised patches of ground on your property it could mean that there is a water leak below them. Depending upon the soil composition under your home, the water could cause the ground to expand and raise or get soggy and sink.

Warm Basement Slab

If you notice that the concrete slab in your basement is warm in certain spots it could mean that you have a leaking pipe in your slab. If this is the case, it will most likely require extensive repairs.

If you need plumbing repair in Tucson or leak detection then call The Sunny Plumber. We use advanced equipment to quickly find the leak in your home and repair it fast.

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