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Tools Professionals Use for Drain Cleaning in Catalina, AZ

No other part of residential plumbing suffers from as many problems as the drains. Every day, the drains in a house remove an enormous amount of waste water filled with organic and inorganic material. This will eventually lead to buildup in the drains that will cause clogging and high water pressure.

The best way to solve these problems with a home’s drains is to schedule drain cleaning from a professional plumbing service. Call our drain cleaning specialists in Catalina at The Sunny Plumber today to schedule quality cleaning. Below are some of the professional tools that we use when we take care of cleaning drains in homes:

Motorized Drain Augers (Drain Snakes)

The basic drain auger is a hand-cranked device that twists a flexible metal coil sent down into a drain. The ends of the wires corkscrew into blockages, and the auger can then remove the clog or break it apart. Professional plumbers clean drains using powerful motorized drain augers that can eliminate even the toughest of clogs. You should only trust drain auger services to experienced plumbers.


Scour jetting, a.k.a. hydro-jetting, is one of the most comprehensive and thorough ways to cleanse drain interiors. Hydro-jetters are professional-grade devices that use motors to place water under extreme pressure, and then blast that water out through a hose and nozzle sent down into the drains. The high pressure of the water (which exceeds 7,000 psi) scours the pipes to eliminate organic and inorganic build-up, as well as blasting through any blockage. The cleaning is so complete that it makes it difficult for contamination to accumulate again, making hydro-jetting an excellent long-term solution to problems from dirty drains.

(Because of the potential dangers from high-pressure water blasts, only professionals should handle hydro-jetting services.)

Video Pipe Inspection Equipment

Miniaturized cameras mounted on long, flexible fiber-optic cables are now part of the basic equipment package of drain cleaning specialists. Plumbers send these cameras down into the drains to discover the nature of the clogging and accumulation inside the plumbing. The camera sends back a feed to a video monitor, and the plumber uses this information to plan out the best targeted drain cleaning possible. Video pipe inspections will make drain cleaning go faster and fix the problems that need fixing.

The next time you need drain cleaning in Catalina, AZ, whether it is to eliminate a slow drain or a clog, or as part of regular plumbing maintenance, call the experienced staff at The Sunny Plumber. We offer comprehensive drain cleaning services that will make sure you have clean drains with as few problems as possible.

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