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This Is Why You Should Test Your Water

Getting your water tested is one of the most important things you can do for the health and comfort of your household. Water testing doesn’t cost much and can detect the presence of nitrates and other minerals in ostensibly clean drinking water. Catalina water testing service men can also check for components unique to the Tucson area, such as microbiological contaminants and local pesticides. Our local water companies usually do a fine job of filtering out those contaminants, but formal water testing can help you be sure. Water testing is also important if your water comes from a local well or some other source away from the local civic water supply. Beyond those general reasons, this is why you should really consider testing your water:

  • Your plumbing shows signs or corrosion or is composed at least partially out of lead. In those cases, the water may contain traces of lead, copper and other minerals. The pH balance may also be off, leading to water with an unpleasant acidic taste.
  • Your water looks or smells strange. Fizzy or colored water likely contains some contaminants, while minerals, bacteria and/or hydrogen sulfide can give it an unusual taste.
  • You live near an environmentally hazardous location. Homes located near industrial factories, mining operations, gas-drilling sites or heavy agriculture should have their water tested regularly for chloride, minerals or industrial chemicals. Such elements are more likely to seep into the local water supply of nearby residents.
  • You’re expecting a baby. If you’re pregnant. You want your water to be clear of nitrate, which can adversely affect your new addition. Test for nitrate as soon as possible after learning about the pregnancy, then again just after you’ve had your baby.

If you have reasons why you should test your water, call upon the experts at The Sunny Plumber for help. We can test the water for you, and install a top-quality water filtration system if you require it. Catalina water testing is our area of expertise and we serve other communities throughout the Tucson area as well.

Contact us today and let us show you what we can do for you!

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