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Think Garbage Disposals Can Handle Everything? Think Again

sunny-plumbersThe Sunny Plumber Tucson has responded to a lot of calls about broken garbage disposals. We have also responded to a lot of calls about clogged drains. Do you know what we have discovered over the years? That a lot of these problems were caused by homeowners holding a bit too much faith in their garbage disposals. We suppose that’s a nice way of saying user error can cause a lot of garbage disposal problems. You need to know your system’s limitations.

That’s what we are going to be focused on today. Don’t get us wrong. There are instances in which drain clogs will develop no matter how careful you are. There are also garbage disposal problems that are going to come up no matter what. There is no reason to invite them along any sooner or more frequently than is necessary, though! Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be able to protect your garbage disposal in Tucson

They Won’t Process FOG

Well, it’s a clear day out there, so I’m not too concerned about fog.

That’s not what we mean (though you probably didn’t make that leap, anyway!).

When we talk about FOG in terms of your plumbing system, we are talking about Fat, Oil, and Grease.

FOG is liquid when it is hot. If you’ve ever roasted some meats in the oven or fried up some bacon, then you know that. If you have ever let those pots and pans cool before cleaning them out, though, you also know that FOG congeals as its temperature drops. And that can spell big trouble for your pipes.

You can never pour FOG down your drains, even if you use a garbage disposal. That disposal may as well not be there at all when it comes to FOG. Pour it out and freeze it or scrape it out when it cools down, but never dump it down the drain!

They Can’t Handle All Hard Objects

Garbage disposals don’t work like blenders, chopping things up with blades.  They use an impeller system and grinding plates to mush things up into a paste, basically. Keep the water running and you’ll be able to flush this paste down the drain without issue.

Just remember that your garbage disposal may have trouble grinding up things like raw bones, fruit pits, and so on. Sure, modern systems are hearty and may be able to handle it, but save your system the wear and tear and just toss those materials instead.

They Can Get a Bit Wrapped Up

Hard foods are an obvious challenge, perhaps, but what about very fibrous foods? Foods like corn husks, celery stalks, and similar items? Those aren’t immediately a clear threat, but they can do damage.

The fibers of these materials can get wrapped up in the moving mechanisms of your garbage disposal. That can make it harder for the disposal to work, increasing friction and wear and tear until damage is done.

Schedule your garbage disposal services with us. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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