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The Problem of Lime Scale

Before the water you use is piped into your home, it undergoes an extensive treatment process at a city plant. That process gets rid of the vast majority of harmful materials in the water. However, it’s not a perfect process. There are still materials that can escape the treatment plant and make it into your home’s plumbing. Hard water is the result of some of those materials. Read on to find out more about hard water, lime scale, and what you can do about them.

Hard Water

Hard water is water with a high concentration of magnesium and calcium molecules. As it flows through the pipes in your home, it deposits these molecules on the pipe walls. Over time, these molecules build up into a flaky substance called lime scale. Lime scale can grow so much that it restricts the flow of water through the pipes, reducing it to a trickle. If the lime scale is not scraped out of the pipes fast enough, it will harden and become impossible to remove without damaging the plumbing system. It is always better to prevent the lime scale from forming in the first place than it is to remove it after the fact. That’s what water softeners are for.

Water Softeners

A water softener is a water treatment system designed to counteract the calcium and magnesium molecules in your water before they ever make it into your plumbing system. It sits in the water line, and treats all water that enters your home. Calcium and magnesium molecules are replaced use sodium, softening the water and protecting your plumbing system from lime scale.

The Sunny Plumber offers a full range of water softener services throughout Tucson, AZ. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our water treatment experts. We’ll make sure that your water is free of harmful substances. 

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