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The Causes and Effects of Pinhole Leaks

When you think of a really harmful plumbing leak, you probably imagine a rupture spilling out gallons of water into the space between your walls. At the very least, a steady stream of water that can rot out an area very quickly. What if we told you, though, that even a leak so small that it only releases a drop or two at a time can still cause an immense amount of damage? Read on to find out more about pinhole leaks, and what to do about them.

Pitted Corrosion

Pinhole leaks are very small leaks, caused by pitted corrosion. Pitted corrosion is what happens when chlorine particles degrade the copper in your plumbing pipes. The corrosion focuses on a small area, eating through it very quickly and opening up a pinhole leak. These leaks only release a very small amount of water. However, even that small amount can cause problems.


The problem with pinhole leaks is that they are far too small to actually cause any kind of external warning sign. Most homeowners have no idea that they have pinhole leaks in their plumbing at all. That is, until months later when they discover a massive water damaged area around where the leak is. The subtlety is what makes pinhole leaks so dangerous. The only way to really catch them early, aside from random chance, is to have your plumbing system inspected at least once a year. That will give your plumber the chance to find and fix any leaks before they manage to cause widespread water damage. You can save thousands of dollars in repair costs by doing this.

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