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Is a Tankless Water Heater Worth the Money?

sunny-plumbersAmong the plumbing services we offer are those for various water heaters in Tucson, AZ. This includes routine maintenance and repairs. When the time comes for a homeowner to purchase a new water heater for an installation or replacement, we always recommend that they take the time to really explore all of the different options that are out there. While the tank water heater is probably still the most popular system around, there is a lot to recommend the tankless variety.

While we are big advocates of the tankless water heater, for reasons that we’ll get into below, there is one factor that may dissuade some potential buyers right off the bat. and that is the price of the tankless water heater. When you’re doing your research on available systems, you’ll notice that tankless models are definitely more expensive than tank models. When you do a bit more research or simply read the following information, however, you’ll see that these systems really are worth the cost.

Enjoy a Longer Lifespan

One of the ways in which a tankless water heater gives you a great return on your initial investment is just by lasting so long. Typically, a tank water heater is going to last for around 10 to 15  years. A tankless water heater, on the other hand, is going to hang in there for more than 20 in most cases! That’s nearly double the life, which really helps to justify that higher price tag. Of course, that’s not the only benefit that makes the system worth the cost.

Enjoy Better Efficiency

You should really think of your tankless water heater as a long-term investment. Not only are these systems long lasting, but they also offer great efficiency. This is thanks to the fact that they don’t suffer any standby energy loss.

Now, there are definitely a number of efficient options when shopping around for a tank water heater. However, even the most efficient tank system will lose some of the heat from its stored water to the cooler air outside of the tank. The tankless water heater does not, obviously, because it does not use a storage tank at all. Combined with its long lifespan, this means the tankless water heater can really save you some money over time.

Enjoy Convenient Installation

Are you tight on space in your home? Do you just have a small utility closet? Then you may want to consider a tankless water heater just due to the fact that they are so small.

A tankless water heater can easily be mounted on a wall in a small area. It’ll take up less space, and you can free up a bit of storage because you won’t have as large an area to keep clear around the system. If all of this sounds great to you, then definitely give The Sunny Plumber Tucson a call to discuss available tankless water heaters. We’ll make sure that you have the right system for your needs.

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