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Take Common Bathroom Plumbing Issues Seriously!

logoComplacency can get homeowners into serious trouble, particularly when it comes to their plumbing systems. A lot of times, homeowners are going to react swiftly only when faced with a true plumbing emergency. A toilet backing up into the house, a main water line break, a slab leak flooding the lower level, and so on. These dramatic situations only account for a fraction of all plumbing problems, though. There are a lot of common plumbing issues that homeowners simply deprioritize.

This is a major problem for a couple of different reasons. First of all, “common” doesn’t mean “not serious.” The common cold is, well, common, but that won’t stop it from grinding your productivity to a halt, right? You may be able to plow through your day when you have a cold, but it’s going to be rough. And if your plumbing system has a “minor” problem, the difference is it won’t just get over it without professional plumbing repairs in Tucson.

Drips Are a Common (and Huge) Source of Water Waste

The dripping faucet is a major enemy of efficient water usage. We know, we know. It’s just a little drip. It’s barely even noticeable. If you wiggle the faucet just right then you can shut the water off completely. Well, mostly. Trust us, though, that water waste does add up, and that does translate into higher water bills.

Higher bills are bad enough, but it really stings knowing that your bills are higher due to paying for water that you are literally not using at all. Typically, fixing these faucets and fixtures is a pretty minor job for a skilled plumber, and the expense that you incur in having these problems resolved will be earned back with reduced water waste and lower bills.

No, Toilet Tanks Shouldn’t Run All the Time

Another common cause of water waste is the running toilet. When you flush your toilet, you’ll hear the hiss of water filling the tank until—the tank is full. And that doesn’t take five minutes. It doesn’t take five hours. It is not a continuous process.

If you hear your toilet running all the time, or if it eventually stops but takes a long time to get to its stopping point, then you have a problem. It may be something simple like a misaligned or degraded flapper. It could be as serious as a leak in the tank itself. Whatever the case, it’s not such a “minor” problem at all!

Low Water Pressure Isn’t Just Annoying …

… it could be indicative of a serious plumbing leak. There are few things more frustrating than trying to rinse the shampoo out of your hair in the morning and struggling to do so because your water pressure is so low. One of them is definitely the realization that you’ve been putting up with frustration at the expense of your plumbing system and/or your property.

If you’ve had a gradual reduction in water pressure to a single fixture, it’s likely that there is a problem with the supply pipe to that particular fixture. A sudden drop throughout the house could mean a ruptured water main, though. Be sure to reach out about low water pressure in any case. Again, common problems can have big consequences.

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