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What Exactly Causes Plumbing Leaks?

Monday, November 18th, 2019

logoPlumbing leaks are quite common, as far as plumbing problems go. That doesn’t make them any less maddening. Hopefully you understand just how much trouble even “minor” plumbing leaks can cause. If you ask us, anything that can lead to wasted money, property damage, and even mold growth should never be called “minor”! You will run into plumbing leaks eventually. Fortunately, you’ll get swift and outstanding plumbing repairs in Marana when you call us.

While there is really no way that you can completely eliminate the risk of plumbing leaks, we do think that it is valuable to understand a bit about why such leaks may develop in the first place. A little knowledge is never a bad thing, so keep the following information in mind. It can help you to assess a leak in your home, but please do remember that most, if not all, leaks in your home will require professional repairs.

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Remember, Not All Leaks Are Obvious

Monday, May 6th, 2019

logoIt will come as no surprise to hear that leaks are the most common problem that homeowners may encounter with their residential plumbing systems. What is unfortunate is that not all leaks are going to be immediately obvious. In fact, some leaks are only likely to be recognized by the damage they cause. While it’s impossible to guarantee that you’ll be able to spot every leak in your home very early on, knowledge is definitely your best defense against leak-related damages.

With that in mind, our Sunny Plumbers want to share some information with you regarding leaks and potential hiding spots they may exploit, as well as some warning signs that may tip you off early on. If you do suspect you have a leak in your system, schedule your plumbing repairs in Marana, AZ, with a member of our team. We’ll pinpoint the source of the leak and resolve the situation completely.

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When to Reach Out for Water Heater Repairs

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

sunny-plumberIt can be easy to overlook your water heater when it is functioning just as it should. You’re so used to using hot water reliably in your home, no doubt, that you have no reason to give it all that much thought provided that it is there when you need it. Typically, it is when something goes wrong with our water heater in Marana, AZ, that we realize just how vital its performance really is in our day to day lives. Ideally, you’d never run into water heater problems.

The reality of the world we do live in, however, is that water heaters are mechanical systems. That means that they will—not might, but will—encounter operational problems from time to time. When that happens, you definitely want to deal with any such problems as quickly and promptly as possible. That’s why we’ve got some tips to help you recognize signs of trouble early on. Keep them in mind, and let us know what concerns you have with your system.

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Don’t Assume Your Water Line Is Fine!

Monday, February 11th, 2019

sunny-plumberIf ever there were an old adage that you do not want to apply to the way in which you deal with your plumbing system and any problems that it may encounter, it is sure this: out of sight, out of mind. Why is that?  Because so much of your plumbing system is out of sight, that’s why! Adopting that kind of attitude can lead to huge oversights in terms of your plumbing system, not the least of which may relate to your main water line.

Remember, all of the water that comes into your home and that you use to bathe, cook, and clean, arrives through this pipe. This out of sight pipe. Just because you cannot see it, just because you may not have visual confirmation that there are indeed problems brewing, does not mean you can afford to overlook what you can’t see. The “good” news here—and that term is relative in this context—is that there are plenty of signs that your water line in Marana, AZ, is in trouble.

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Benefits of Scour Jet Service

Monday, September 25th, 2017

water-down-sink-drainYour plumbing system is extensive and, in some ways, pretty complex. In operational theory, however, it is really quite simple. The supply side of your plumbing system brings water into your home, while the drain and sewer side drains it out of your home. Simple enough, right? Well, things seem much less simple when something goes wrong with either side of the plumbing. If you’re having trouble with your drain and sewer system, then professional scour jet service in Marana, AZ is definitely an option to consider.

As you’ll see below, scour jet service itself is a fairly simple service–in theory. Just like your plumbing system, however, that simplicity can be deceiving. This is not a job that you could possibly handle on your own, and it requires equipment that homeowners are not going to have access to. If you do think that your plumbing system could benefit from scour jet service, contact the professionals at The Sunny Plumber Tucson to guarantee that the job is done right.

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How Does a Septic System Work?

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

gripping-drain-trapMany homeowners flush their toilets and drain their tubs without so much as a second thought as to where that waste and wastewater is going to wind up. This is because they are connected to a municipal sewer system through which the waste can travel to a treatment plant. However, there are also a lot of homeowners that use septic systems in Marana, AZ. For these homeowners, the responsibility of dealing with the entire waste system is theirs alone.

Without getting too graphic, it should go without saying that you really do not want to encounter any problems with your septic system. It can lead to a messy, unhygienic, and unpleasant situation on your property. As they say, knowing is half the battle. That is why we’d like to share some information with you today about the way in which your septic system actually works. 

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When Is It Time to Replace a Toilet?

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

The lifespan of the average toilet is 100 years, but you probably won’t want to keep yours quite this long. Additionally, its main material – porcelain – is can be easy chipped and cracked, which can add to a faster demise should your toilet be mishandled. But there are other reasons to consider replacing your toilet and improving your bathroom plumbing.

Reason 1: It’s a water hog.

Low-flow toilets haven’t been around that long, compared to toilets in general. It wasn’t until the early-to-mid 1990s that low-flow toilets became an option for homeowners. As such, it isn’t uncommon for many homes to have older toilets that use a great deal of water to operate – upwards of 7 gallons per flush as compared to a maximum of 1.6 gallons with a low-flow toilet. If you’ve been looking for an easy way to reduce your water usage, an upgrade to a low-flow toilet may be the way to go.

Reason 2: It keeps clogging.

Toilet clogs are just unpleasant and not something a homeowner wants to deal with frequently. There can be a few reasons that a toilet keeps clogging, and if that reason is your toilet, it may be time to consider replacing it.

Reason 3: There are significant cracks in the porcelain.

While your toilet is a pretty sturdy item, damage can occur with the porcelain. Chips and cracks can lead to toilet leaks, which can lead to water damage. Chips and cracks can’t be repaired, so if you have concerning chips or cracks on your toilet, you may want to replace it before a large problem ensues.

Reason 4: Lots of repairs.

There are a number of components that allow your toilet to function as it does: the fill valve, the gasket, the flapper, etc. Replacing one of these parts isn’t usually a big deal, but if you find that many of the parts are breaking down at once, it may be wiser to spend your money on a new toilet.

Toilets see a lot of action. If it’s time to replace your toilet, schedule an appointment by calling the experts with professional bathroom plumbing experience in Marana: The Sunny Plumber.

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Possible Causes for a Leaking Toilet

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

A leaking toilet can be a nuisance, but it can also cause problems for your home. A leaky toilet may raise your utility bills, or cause water to build up in your bathroom, creating a health hazard in which certain bacteria may thrive and mold or mildew may develop. Furthermore, the problem may only get worse if you wait to fix it, costing you more in repairs.

If you have a leaky toilet, it’s important not to try to fix it on your own. A bathroom plumbing expert can help you assess the damages and make sure that the leak doesn’t indicate a larger problem in your pipes or with your toilet tank. Here are some of the possible causes for a leaking toilet that should receive attention from a licensed plumber.

  • Broken Seal: A seal around your toilet keeps water from leaking out from the bottom and from the area between the tank and the bowl. This gasket may become worn away over time, and a professional can quickly replace or reseal it to prevent the problem from becoming worse.
  • Worn or Loose Bolts: Worn or loose bolts could cause major leaks into your bathroom, but it may also be a quick fix for an expert with a trained eye. The bolts keep your toilet tank mounted to the bowl, but if these corrode or become loose it could quickly cause a major leak.
  • Cracked Tank: A cracked tank or bowl likely means that you’ll need to replace the entire toilet. However, this gives you an opportunity to choose a new model, including one with better performance or a low-flow toilet that will save you money every month on your water bill. Low-flow toilets use less than half the amount of water as other toilets as they rely on pressure rather than volume to flush.

An expert can help you determine whether your leaking toilet is a simple fix or if it indicates a larger problem such as a cracked tank. To speak with a professional plumber about bathroom plumbing services in Marana, call The Sunny Plumber today!

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How Video Pipe Inspection Helps with Drain Cleaning

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

When water won’t move down a drain in your home, you may try repairing the problem yourself, or you may call the first plumbing company you find in order to try to get the job done quickly. Although you may want your drains unclogged immediately, it’s important that you choose a plumber who will make sure the job is done right. And the best way to ensure a major clog has left your system and that no other problems remain in the pipes is with professional drain cleaning and video pipe inspection.

It would be very difficult to determine the source of some clogs without any viewing equipment. While some clogs are located near the surface of drains, only affecting a single source, sometimes multiple slow or stopped drains indicate that there is blockage deep within the pipes. Professional plumbers want to make sure they know everything about the location of clogs before going into the pipes, so that they can assess the situation and decide on the best way to handle the clog. While the technician may only need a drain auger to pull up the blockage, other problems, such as tree roots, require a different course of action.

Once the clog has been located, many plumbers use hydro jet technology to blast clogs through the drains and into the sewage system with a highly pressurized jet of water. A hose moves through the drain pipes, blasting the insides of pipes, which means that not only will your clog loosen, but any sludge that lines the pipes gets removed as well. Video pipe inspection is then used again to ensure that no potential blockage remains, and that you do not have any additional plumbing problems such as leaks.

A clog can be frustrating and may make many of your daily tasks difficult. That’s why you want to call a plumbing company that will do a thorough job of ensuring the drain pipes are clear and that there are no further clogs affecting your system. You also want a plumbing company that will clear any stuck-on sludge and check for leaks using video pipe inspection. For these services and for more information about drain cleaning in Marana, AZ, call The Sunny Plumber today!

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What Not to Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Friday, December 6th, 2013

While many homeowners assume that their garbage disposal is indestructible, one clog or jam in your system and you’ll think otherwise. Here at The Sunny Plumber, we’ve responded to countless calls for clog removal for kitchen plumbing in Marana, AZ. There are a few things that we see causing a lot of problems for homeowners’ garbage disposals and we wanted to put together a quick description of some of the things that you should never put down your kitchen sink. We offer total plumbing repair for all types of kitchen plumbing equipment in Marana, AZ Call us if you’re having any problems with your system.

Food Waste That Shouldn’t Go In Your Garbage Disposal

Here are a few of the food waste items that you should avoid putting down your kitchen’s garbage disposal:

  • Melted fat and grease – Guess what happens to any melted fat or grease that you dump down your kitchen sink: it immediately cools and becomes a gooey, sticky mess in your pipes that sticks to any other food waste that touches it. You can pour hot grease into a glass jar and dispose of it in your garbage can to avoid this type of problem.
  • Starchy foods – Pasta, rice, and potato skins can cause a lot of kitchen plumbing problems for homeowners in Marana, AZ. These types of foods absorb water and expand which can cause clogs.
  • Fruit pits – While seeds from fruits like lemon, grapes or oranges can easily be disposed in your kitchen sink, other pits like avocado and peaches can cause big problems for your garbage disposal.
  • Animal bones – While your garbage disposal may seem very powerful, you shouldn’t put anything down it that you can’t chew up in your mouth. Animal bones can get caught in your garbage disposal and cause it to jam or clog.

If you’re having any problems with your garbage disposal or you need repair for your kitchen plumbing in Marana, AZ, just call us here at The Sunny Plumber.

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