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Spotting a Gas Leak on Your Property

gas-burner-blue-flameMany homeowners think of heating technicians when they think of using natural gas in their homes. In truth, though, it is a professional plumber that you need to pipe natural gas into your home. It is also a professional plumber that you need to deal with any gas leaks that may develop on your property. If you ever suspect that there is a gas leak on your property, you must contact the appropriate authorities and utilities immediately. When the time for repairs or any other gas line services arrives, you can count on us to do the job right.

This all begs one obvious question: how can you tell if there is a gas leak to begin with?While a gas leak is certainly an unfortunate turn of events, the good news is that there are actually a number of different warning signs that can alert you to the presence of a gas leak on your property. You just have to know what it is that you are looking for. Here are a few tips to help you spot a gas leak in Tucson, AZ.

Warnings Signs of a Gas Leak

Natural gas is a highly dangerous gas to have leak into your home. Unlike carbon monoxide, however, which is a byproduct of the combustion of fuels, natural gas is something that we knowingly and willingly pipe directly into our homes. That awareness of natural gas helps us to spot potential leaks in a few ways that are impossible with carbon monoxide, which demands a designated alarm for detection.

First, there is the odor. The sulfuric, rotten-egg smell of natural gas is actually not its natural odor. As we said above, we willingly bring natural gas onto our property and into our homes. That means that we have a chance to add this odor to it in order to provide homeowners with a first line of defense against undetected leaks. If you smell that distinctive odor in your yard or house, contact the authorities right away.

Your nose isn’t the only way in which you can detect a gas leak. Keep your eyes peeled as well. If you see patches of dying vegetation on your property, for instance, it could be the result of natural gas leaking beneath those patches and poisoning the vegetation. You might also see dirt or water bubbles blowing up in the air from the ground. It’s a strange sight, and not one that you should ignore. The pressure from a gas leak could be the propulsion source.

Finally, keep your ears open, too. If you hear a hissing or gurgling sound, or a roaring in the vicinity of a gas connection or gas appliance, a gas leak is a real possibility.

Natural gas, when piped into a home and to appliances correctly, is an invaluable resource. It is in no way our intention to steer you away from its use. Just stay vigilant, and remember that natural gas, like any other fuel, can be problematic and even dangerous when misused.

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