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Simple Ways to Keep Your Water Bill in Check

sunny-plumbersRunning water isn’t something any modern homeowner is going to opt out of. When your water bill comes in and leaves you shaking with sticker shock, though—you just might wish you had. Just keep in mind that the price of water doesn’t fluctuate from day to day. If you notice that your water bill is a lot higher than usual, or if you’re sick of it being consistently high, then you’ve got a usage problem on your hands.

That’s actually good news, because the way that you use water is entirely within your control. And changing your water usage habits is not really all that hard! It takes a little bit of attention, for sure, but once you have that first reduced water bill come in, it will have your attention. So keep these tips in mind and schedule your plumbing services in Tucson, AZ, with our team. We’ll be sure to leave you with a sunny outlo0k.

Are You Washing Dishes by Hand?

We understand why some homeowners are hesitant to make the jump to a dishwasher. It’s an additional appliance that you have to purchase and have installed. And you’ve already got the sink and the strainer right there, right? So why overcomplicate things? Plus, the electricity!

We are going to stop you there. Yes, you need to pay to use the dishwasher. And yes, your dishwasher will use electricity. But it will also use water a lot more efficiently than you do washing your dishes by hand. And that means that you’ll save money on your water bills. It seems counterintuitive, but the facts are there.

Are You Running Water While Grooming?

This is one of the simplest ways in which to reign in your water bills, but it is also one that a lot of folks struggle with nonetheless. Trust us, it sounds like a small adjustment, but it will pay off.

So long as you shut the water off!

Shaving? Shut the water off when not rinsing the razor. Brushing your teeth? Shut the water off when not rinsing your toothbrush.

Make these changes, and you’ll be shaving, all right—shaving some dollars and cents right off of your water bills, that is.

Shower Smarter

Some people really don’t like hearing this one, but a lot of you are showering for way longer than is necessary. We get it. A shower isn’t always just about getting clean. Sometimes you really want to just unwind and relax, and a nice, hot shower can really help in that regard. By limiting your time in the shower, though, you can reduce water consumption and the water bills that come along with it.

Not ready to cut back on your shower time too much? At least use an aerating shower head that mixes air into the water. That will actually cut back on water use even if you can’t really cut back on time. Install aerating faucets in the sinks, and you’ll make a difference!

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