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Signs That Your Water Heater Is In Trouble

logoIf there is one essential piece of equipment in your home—well, let’s be honest. You can’t make a distinction like that. And we are certainly not the type of company that is going to tell you that any single system or appliance in your home outweighs any other. We all have our priorities. For some, a dishwasher may be as indispensable as, well, a water heater! And it is pretty tough to make a case against your water heater being essential.

You use your water heater for so many different purposes. From washing your linens to doing the dishes—or providing the hot water for your dishwasher to do the dishes—the water heater plays a major role in your home. That is why a water heater in Tucson, AZ, that is struggling to get the job done is such a major concern. If you have any worries about the way that your water heater is operating, give us a call.

Is Your Water Heater Making Strange Sounds?

If so, there is actually some good news here. It may not really be in need of repair. It may just need some TLC. And that begs the question of when was the last time you had your system flushed out. If you use a tank water heater, you have to understand that your system may accrue a lot of sediment at the bottom of the tank over a span of time.

When that happens, or if hard water deposits build up at the bottom of the tank, then you may wind up with kettling or a bubbling sound coming from the water heater. It may sound scarier than the situation really is, but it is still a top priority to have repaired. If you ignore the issue for too long, then your water heater is only going to be worse off in the long run.

Is Your Water Not Quite Hot Enough?

If so, then there could be any number of issues at play. It could be something as simple as a thermostat that isn’t set right on the unit itself. It could be something as serious as a problem with your fuel delivery system. Whatever the case may be, you cannot just grin and bear the problem.

Remember, you shouldn’t have to be maxing out the shower settings to get a warm shower. However, if it’s only a problem after the kids have gotten ready in the morning, then it is totally possible that your water heater just cannot keep up with your home’s hot water demand. In that case, replacing the water heater may be your only option.

Is Your Water Heater Leaking?

This is a tough one. Don’t panic if you notice water surrounding your water heater. You may just have a leaky connection, and that is something that is pretty simple for a member of our team to address. However, if your hot water storage tank itself is leaking, then you’re kind of out of luck. That is going to necessitate the replacement of the system.

From water heater repairs to full installations, The Sunny Plumber Tucson does it all. Contact us today. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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