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Sewer Line Damages: You Cannot Prevent Them All

sunny-plumbersIf you come to this blog in order to learn about all of the ways in which you can make your plumbing system invulnerable, then you are definitely going to walk away from it disappointed. Problems with your plumbing system, with all plumbing systems, are a matter of when, not if. An even more unfortunate truth is that, diligent and responsible as you may be, there is just no way in which prevent certain conditions leading to such problems. Nipping them in the bud isn’t an option when you don’t realize it’s happening.

Here are a few examples of such problems, so that you can better understand some underlying issues that could lead to eventual sewer line damage. If you do encounter any such problems with your sewer line in Tucson, remember that you can always count on The Sunny Plumber Tucson to handle any damages incurred. It may not be quite as good as avoiding them entirely, but it is your best course of action when problems do develop. 


If ever there were a super-villain in the world of plumbing, it would surely be … Captain Corrosion!

Okay, so that comic book issue would probably not go flying off the shelves. That doesn’t mean that the information is not solid, though. Corrosion is a common cause of plumbing problems, and it is one that can affect your sewer line as easily as it can your plumbing fixtures and indoor pipes.

If there are a lot of corrosive elements in the water on your property, using an appropriate water treatment system may help the situation. However, there are certain scenarios in which corrosion can go largely undetected, and it is not as though you can see your sewer line to give it a visual inspection.

Tree Roots

Yes, seriously.

Tree roots are incredibly strong—nearly as strong as they are determined! Determined to do what, you may ask?

Nourish themselves! And, without getting into it too much, let’s just say that they can seek out the nutrients and water that they need in your sewer line.

When tree roots infiltrate your sewer line, either through connection points or the pipe itself, you will probably start to encounter problems with backups and overflows. Don’t ignore these signs of trouble! It is much better to resolve the, ahem, root of the problem, rather than continuing to treat the symptoms.

Shifting Soil

You shouldn’t settle in life, but there is no stopping your property and the land surrounding it from doing so. Whether because of changes in geography due to local construction, or the simple passage of time, soil can shift on your property. When that happens, the pipes in the soil and earth can rupture.

If you smell sewer odors on your property, even if that is the only symptom that you notice, contact us right away. It’s much better to have a plumber come out and confirm that it’s not your property than to skip that step—only to find out that it is!

Schedule your sewer line services with us. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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