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Possible Causes for a Leaking Toilet

A leaking toilet can be a nuisance, but it can also cause problems for your home. A leaky toilet may raise your utility bills, or cause water to build up in your bathroom, creating a health hazard in which certain bacteria may thrive and mold or mildew may develop. Furthermore, the problem may only get worse if you wait to fix it, costing you more in repairs.

If you have a leaky toilet, it’s important not to try to fix it on your own. A bathroom plumbing expert can help you assess the damages and make sure that the leak doesn’t indicate a larger problem in your pipes or with your toilet tank. Here are some of the possible causes for a leaking toilet that should receive attention from a licensed plumber.

  • Broken Seal: A seal around your toilet keeps water from leaking out from the bottom and from the area between the tank and the bowl. This gasket may become worn away over time, and a professional can quickly replace or reseal it to prevent the problem from becoming worse.
  • Worn or Loose Bolts: Worn or loose bolts could cause major leaks into your bathroom, but it may also be a quick fix for an expert with a trained eye. The bolts keep your toilet tank mounted to the bowl, but if these corrode or become loose it could quickly cause a major leak.
  • Cracked Tank: A cracked tank or bowl likely means that you’ll need to replace the entire toilet. However, this gives you an opportunity to choose a new model, including one with better performance or a low-flow toilet that will save you money every month on your water bill. Low-flow toilets use less than half the amount of water as other toilets as they rely on pressure rather than volume to flush.

An expert can help you determine whether your leaking toilet is a simple fix or if it indicates a larger problem such as a cracked tank. To speak with a professional plumber about bathroom plumbing services in Marana, call The Sunny Plumber today!

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