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Plumbing Leaks: You Cannot Spot Them All!

sunny-plumberCertain issues with your plumbing system are really going to jump out at you. Like, say, if your shower is ice cold or you have a flooded area in your home. Other problems, however, are not quite as easy to spot—and not every leak or rupture is going to result in immediate flooding. The fact that plumbing leaks are such a common problem does not mean that it’s a problem you can take lightly. There are a lot of issues that can develop.

That is why today we want to share some tips with you for discovering plumbing leaks. Even if you cannot pinpoint the source of your leaks, you can at least recognize some signs that they are likely there. It is always best to deal with any plumbing leaks as swiftly as possible, after all. So read on, and let our plumbers in Tucson know if you have any concerns. The Sunny Plumber Tucson is here to help. 

Look for Water Staining

Notice that we did not say “look for water damage.” As mentioned above, it is always best to deal with any plumbing problems as soon as possible. That means the moment you notice something like water staining in your home is the moment you should be picking up your phone and calling our number. And remember, just because you can’t see a leak in the area doesn’t mean there’s not an issue. Water may travel a ways before it actually starts to do any damage.

Listen for Sounds of Running Water

It’s not all about your sense of sight when it comes to recognizing the signs of water leaks. You should listen for them, too. If you hear water dripping in your home, you may have a leaky faucet. It may not seem like a big deal, but you are wasting water that you are paying for and you should resolve that issue ASAP.

Worse is the sound of running water, as this suggests a more substantial leak. It could even be a slab leak, which is a notoriously difficult type of leak to deal with. If you have ruled out any faucets left running accidentally, contact us immediately.

You Can Even Smell and Feel for Leaks!

Feel some warmth beneath your feet? Realize you don’t have radiant heating in your home? Wondering what the cause could be?

Unfortunately, it could mean a ruptured hot water line.

Smell a mildew odor? As if there are wet clothes left in a hamper too long? That could be the odor of water damaging structural materials in your home. Damp conditions can eventually lead to mold growth, too, so don’t ignore these warning signs!

Leave the Leak Detection to Us!

With tools like video pipe inspection equipment and thermal imaging devices, modern plumbers can pinpoint plumbing leaks more accurately and conveniently than ever before. If you suspect a leak, let us target in on it!

Schedule your plumbing services with us. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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