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Plumbing Emergencies: What Qualifies?

sunny-plumbersIf you think that you only need to schedule prompt plumbing services when an emergency develops,  think again. If you ask us, pretty much any plumbing problem should be resolved in as timely a manner as possible. Remember, even “minor” plumbing problems can cause serious trouble when given the opportunity. All that being said, there are certain situations that are definitely, rightly called emergencies. And sometimes homeowners have trouble making that designation.

Today, we are going to help to contextualize for you what actually constitutes a “plumbing emergency.” It’s not always a cut-and-dry situation. In fact, sometimes it’s a pretty wet one! Get it? Anyway, the last thing that we want is for a homeowner to hesitate designating their problem a true emergency, only to realize shortly down the road that they really ought to have taken immediate action. So read on, and remember that we’re the emergency plumbers in Tucson to trust with your emergency service needs.

Is There an Uncontrolled Leak?

First things first, it is entirely possible that you’ll encounter a leak that isn’t really an emergency. Not every leak is. Does that mean that you just ignore the problem and do nothing about it? No. But it might mean you don’t schedule service at two in the morning or on a Sunday night. Sometimes, a problem that does need to be resolved can wait until normal business hours resume. Think of something like a dripping faucet, or a toilet tank leaking into the bowl and causing it to run.

Now, this absolutely doesn’t mean that all leaks can wait until morning to deal with. If you run into a ruptured water heater, for example, that could result in a serious amount of water damage.  It can also really disrupt your daily routine. A main water line leak turning your lawn into a swamp is another example of what we’d go ahead and call a plumbing emergency.

Can You No Longer Use Your Plumbing System?

Okay, suppose you don’t have a leak in your plumbing system. Then there’s probably no emergency, right? Wrong. Because you have to think about a plumbing system as a whole. Not just the water supply. You might have a problem with your drainage system, either a leak (again) or a serious clog. That would be a plumbing emergency in our book, too. You can’t really go about your life without the ability to drain a sink or flush your toilet, right?

Of course, if you are talking about a leak in the drain or sewer side of things, then you have another type of emergency on your hands. And it’s one that you definitely don’t want to try to ignore. Let’s put it this way. You don’t want sewage leaking out of a pipe on your property or in your home, and if that does happen, you’d better believe that getting it fixed fast is an emergency! Backups or leaks on the drain and sewer side demand immediate action.

Schedule your emergency plumbing services with The Sunny Plumber Tucson. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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