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Plumber Tip: How To Tell If You Have A Major Water Leak

We hardly notice our plumbing while we take showers, wash our dishes and clothes, and brush our teeth. Somehow, we just expect that water will arrive when we call for it. And such is the case most of the time. We begin to notice our plumbing in a very real way there is a major water leak in the house. The sight of water where it shouldn’t be is enough to cause panic and frustration. Make sure you have the emergency number of a plumber to hand to ensure that you are never without someone to call. But other leaks, though major, tend to creep up on homeowners. We scarcely notice them until they have already done major damage to our home and property. In this post, we’d like to review how to detect if you have a major water leak so that you’re prepared. For a plumber in Tucson, call The Sunny Plumber today!

  • Spike in the water bill. If there is a massive spike in your water bill without a corresponding rise in water usage, then it probably indicates a water leak somewhere in your home or on your property. It’s critical that you call a plumber as soon as possible, so that he can begin the leak detection process.
  • Water stain on the ceiling. If you notice a brown abstraction on the white wall below your upstairs bathroom, you may have a major water leak in your ceiling. It’s often unclear as to whether the leak has been going on for a long time, in which case a minor brown stain may be less significant, or if it’s just started; so it’s imperative that you call for a plumber right away.
  • Wet spots in your yard. While we may expect the backyard to be a little soggy during a rainstorm, if it’s soggy in the absence of rain, then it’s probably an indication that you have a leak in your sewer or water line. If it smells, it’s the sewer line; if it doesn’t smell, it’s the water line. It may have been caused by a collapsed pipe or root penetration.

We hope this brief list of major water leak signs has helped you. Stay vigilant. If you think you may have a leak in your home, call The Sunny Plumber today for a plumber in Tucson, AZ!

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