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Pipe Problems: We Don’t Guess, We Inspect!

sunny-plumbersWhile there are a lot of different problems that you may encounter with your residential plumbing system, there are certain areas in which you can expect some repeat offenses. Because the pipe is the cornerstone of any plumbing system, you have to expect that pipe problems will be a common issue in terms of plumbing problems. That’s not to say that pipe problems themselves should be common, just that they’re a common factor among many different problems.

If you suspect that there is a problem with your plumbing system, and you think that this problem is related to your pipes, then you are already playing something of a guessing game. There are a lot of pipes in any plumbing system that are not exposed in your home, and it can be tough to diagnose any issues with them. Without the right tools, anyway. That is why we offer video pipe inspection services in Benson, AZ. When you work with a Sunny Plumber, you’re working with skilled professionals that have great tools and that know how to use them. 

What’s the Benefit of Video Pipe Inspection?

Well, you get to visually inspect your pipes! Or, we should say, one of our plumbers will visually inspect your pipes for you. When you look at the exterior surfaces and joint connections of pipes, you may be able to see some problems. This pertains to leaks, corrosion, and problems like that. What you can’t really tell by looking at the outer surfaces of pipes, though, is what conditions are like within the pipe. That is where video pipe inspection comes in. This is helpful in instances where:

  • Pipes are clogged
  • Pipes corrode from the inside out
  • Pipes have been serviced and assessment is needed

Taking a peek into your pipes is a huge benefit, but now you’re likely wondering: how does it actually work?

Modern Plumbing Technology: At Your Service

Basically, we just feed a video camera into your pipes to look inside. Whoa, how big are those pipes? 

Not big. But neither is the camera. Just take a look at your cell phone and remember how far technology has come. We use a tiny camera that is affixed to a flexible rod to inspect your pipes. We feed this rod into the system, and the camera sends back images and video in real time. We can monitor this footage on the spot to assess the situation, and we can save it to help you understand what needs to be done and why.

That last point is very important. It’s not just about us doing a great job. That much is a given. It’s about demystifying the services that homeowners need, allowing them to see for themselves what we’re talking about when we describe problems and offer solutions. So reach out to a member of our team today with any questions that you may have. We’re happy to advise you and to complete your video pipe inspection as needed.

Schedule your video pipe inspection with The Sunny Plumber Tucson. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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