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Opening Up the Tool Bag: FAQ Edition

sunny-plumbersAt The Sunny Plumber, we value our clients above all else. We provide an exceptional service at a fair price, because that’s what we believe you deserve. One of our favorite parts of our relationship with customers is answering their questions. That’s why we’re doing something a bit different with today’s post.

We’re going to open up the tool bag and answer some of the common questions that we hear from clients.

We usually take a deep dive into a single topic with each of these, but today we want to share some general knowledge. So read on and see if your question is down there. If it’s not, give our team a call and we’ll get you the answers you need.

1. How Do I Unclog My Toilet?

You use a plunger, right? Here’s a tip—most toilet clogs can be dealt with through a simple plunging. But you need the right plunger and you need to do it right. Push gently, and pull back strongly. Also,  use a ball-shaped or foldout-cup plunger. Those simple suction cup ones are really for sinks.

2. Why Is My Showerhead Leaking?

There are a couple of common causes here. First, you may just have old, bad connections. But, if you have recently replaced the showerhead, you may need some more thread sealant tape. Unfortunately, you may also have overtightened your connection, stripping the threads. Don’t overtighten!

3. Why Do Garbage Disposals Need Running Water?

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, there aren’t blades in that disposal like there are in a blender. It’s a grinding mechanism. Running the water while you run your disposal helps keep things cool, helps to turn that ground-up waste into a slurry, and helps to flush everything down the drain.

4. Why Is My Water Bill So High?

This is a tough one. You may just need to be more conservative with the length of your showers or more conscientious of shutting off the water while brushing your teeth. Invest in a dishwasher if you’re still washing dishes by hand. Consider aerator fixtures that mix air with water to conserve. Unfortunately, you may also have hidden leaks, which means you need professional plumbing leak detection in Tucson.

5. Why Do I Smell—Well, You Know!

Sewer odors? There are a few reasons for this. You could have a dry trap under a sink, so some gas is working its way back up into your living space. You could also have a sewer line leak. These will give your property a scent that you definitely don’t want to encounter.

6. What Do I Do While I Wait?

Okay, you’ve got a serious leak. You’ve called us, maybe even requesting emergency plumbing services. What do you do while you wait?

Get to the water shut-off valve, and kill the supply. You need to know exactly where this is. 

7. How Do I Choose a Plumber?

Ask your friends. Ask your neighbors. Read reviews. Read testimonials. And then reach out to us!

Contact The Sunny Plumber Tucson today! Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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