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Nothing Lasts Forever (Not Even Water Heaters!)

sunny-plumberImagine this—you’ve come into some money. Not millions of dollars or anything, but a substantial chunk of change nonetheless. Enough to put some away in the bank, maybe pay down the credit card a bit. You with us? Okay, now let’s say you decide to keep enough out of the bank to treat yourself and the family a bit. What do you spend it on?

If you said a new water heater, then—well, actually, we’re a bit surprised. No one understands the importance of a great water heater better than us Sunny Plumbers, but even we’ll admit that they’re not the most exciting things in the world.

Exciting or not, you do need a reliable water heater in your home. And regardless of what make or model you use, you’re going to have to replace your water heater eventually. There is no getting around that. But when do you replace your water heater in Tucson? When it’s broken down entirely? Hopefully before then, so here are some factors to consider. 

Take the Age of Your System Into Consideration

But remember that age alone is not a reason to replace your water heater. In fact, age isn’t a great reason for keeping your water heater around, either. What do we mean by that? Well, when homeowners consider age, they usually think in terms of old water heaters that need replacing. However, newer water heaters can also be good replacement candidates, too. So age is important to consider, but mostly in relation to other factors. Keep it in mind to inform the following.

How Reliable Is Your Water Heater?

Okay, so your water heater heats water effectively when it’s actually working. However, it seems to require repairs frequently. If there’s a costly repair on the horizon, and your water heater is quite old, then you should probably replace it regardless of how frequent repair needs are. You can offset the investment with better efficiency and reliability moving forward.

If repairs aren’t common, and your system is pretty new, then by all means opt to get it back on track. However, if you have a newer system that just isn’t that reliable,  you need to be realistic. It may have many years ahead of it, but you may want to replace it with a more reliable system rather than be forking over money for repairs for the foreseeable future.

Is Your System Efficient?

An old water heater may be working just fine, but still be a good replacement candidate. Why? Because it may be old enough that its efficiency has really slipped. Maybe it was efficient at the time of manufacture, but advancements in technology have left it behind.

Likewise, you may have a newer system that you sacrificed efficiency for affordability on. That’s fine. If your financial situation has changed, though, and you can invest in better efficiency, it might make sense to replace your system with a more efficient model right now, rather than wait for its lifespan to conclude.

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