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New Water Heater? Skip the Tank!

sunny-plumbersIt doesn’t matter if you are on a pretty strict budget or if you have disposable income to spare. Replacing a water heater is nobody’s idea of a good, fun way to spend money. That doesn’t mean it’s not a necessary expense, though. Every water heater, regardless of make, model, and maintenance practices, has a limited lifespan. You’re going to need to replace yours eventually. When you do, you should think long and hard about what type of water heater you’ll choose as a replacement.

For many homeowners, the term water heater means one thing: a tank water heater. If the time has come for a water heater replacement in Tucson, though, or if you need a new water heater installed in a new home, you may want to think outside of the tank. They’re great systems, of course. But tankless water heaters also have some benefits to offer that tank models cannot really match. The Sunny Plumber Tucson has some tips about why you may want to skip the tank.

Convenience of Installation

You need only look at any example of technology to notice the trend of things getting smaller and smaller. Sure, phone screens seem to be getting bigger and bigger, but devices are generally aiming for lighter and slimmer designs. Water heaters may not be as exciting as the newest computer technology, but we do want to point out that tankless water heaters take up a lot less space than tank water heaters.

It may not be the system’s biggest selling point, but if you have very limited storage, the ability to install a water heater in a wall-mounted way is a big bonus. You can tuck a tankless water heater in just about any closet. That leaves your storage areas available for, you know, the things you actually need to store!

Energy Efficiency

The major benefit of a tankless water heater is the fact that it eliminates the risk of standby energy loss. This occurs when heat from water stored in a tank transfers through that tank out into the air surrounding it. Even the most efficient and well-insulated tanks will suffer some amount of standby energy loss.

By eliminating the need for storing hot water entirely, you also eliminate the risk of standby energy loss entirely. This helps to justify the high price of tankless water heaters. They are definitely more expensive than tank water heaters. However, because they are more efficient, you can save some money in the long-term. Which brings us to…

That Long Lifespan

How’s 25 years sound? Pretty good for a water heater, right? Actually, it is exceptional, especially when you consider that a tank water heater will only last around 12 to 15 years.

You are pretty much doubling the lifespan of your water heater by choosing to go tankless. That, along with the improved energy efficiency, means that you can enjoy long-term savings that really add up over the years.

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