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Do You Really Need a Water Softener?

water-softener-do-you-needToday, most municipal water supplies have a good amount of filtration and conditioning they go through before reaching your faucets, and the Tucson area is no exception. If you use ground water instead, you likely have a water treatment system on site, too. But something many people don’t realize is missing in all of this when they hear about water treatment system installation in Tucson, AZ, is protection from hard water.

This is the name for water that has a high concentration of minerals in it—namely calcium and magnesium. No, these minerals are not harmful to ingest, to get that out of the way. However, they can do a world of damage to your plumbing system, and therefore your quality of life. Hard water should be taken care of with a professionally installed water softener, which can treat the water before it has a chance to negatively affect your pipes.

Keep reading to learn more about why you may need a water softener.

There is Soap Scum Coating the Bathtubs

Don’t worry—you aren’t bad at keeping things clean. Soap scum can build up pretty fast in your bathtubs when hard water is present. The minerals in hard water prevent soap from dissolving as easily as it normally would, which is where the buildup comes from.

You Notice Water Spots on Clean Dishes

You might notice this on glassware after you wash your dishes—it’s from the calcium and magnesium in your water supply. Again, they’re harmless, but they are certainly unsightly—and it’s an indication that your dishwasher is slowing accumulating damage from the same hard water molecules that are causing the spotted glassware.

You See White or Yellow Residue Building Up Around Sinks/Drains

This is a pretty apparent sign that you have a potential plumbing problem. What you have to remember is that same type of buildup you see outside the faucet is happening within it as well, and in your pipes. Slowly, the mineral deposits continue to build up, which restricts the volume inside of the pipes. You may end up needing to replace not only the faucet, but also your pipes, far sooner than you would have had to otherwise.

Your Hair and Skin Feel Funny After Showering

Many people with hard water problems describe their hair as feeling dull after a shower with hard water, and also describe it as lacking volume or movement. You may be surprised to find that your shampoo and conditioner have a lot less to do with the results that you get with your hair after showering, than your water quality does. The same goes for your skin—hard water can leave you feeling like there’s still a residue on you after you’ve cleaned, and can dry out your skin pretty quickly too.

If you have any concerns about the quality of your water or would like to know what other water quality systems we carry, don’t hesitate to reach out! The Sunny Plumber—Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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