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Is Your Water Line in Trouble?

plumbing-iconsIf so, then you need to work with a trained professional plumber sooner rather than later. There are a lot of ways in which a leaking water line can negatively affect you. You may be paying for water that is simply going to waste. You may be suffering from a subpar performance from your plumbing system. You may even be putting the integrity of your property at risk.

Of course, before you can go about resolving problems with your water line, you must first recognize that there is a problem to begin with. This may sound simpler than the situation actually is, however. Read on to learn a bit more about recognizing signs of water line problems. If and when you do, count on us to repair or replace your water line in Tucson, AZ.

What Are the Warning Signs?

We won’t sugar coat it: a damaged water line is typically a serious plumbing problem. But it is also a plumbing problem that will present you with some fairly clear early warning signs. You may not be able to visually inspect your main water line, but you can certainly keep your eyes—and other senses—open for signs of trouble.

  • Water Pooling in the Yard: This is a pretty obvious one. We have a fairly dry climate around here. Sure, storms pass through from time to time, but hot sunny days are the norm. If we’ve had a good stretch of dry, hot weather, then there is really no reason as to why your yard should have a pool of water in it, is there? If you’ve got a soggy yard, it could mean that you have a leaking water line. It could mean that a neighbor has one too, though. Not only can we fix the problem, but we can also pinpoint its exact source.
  • Hissing or Rumbling Coming from the Connection: Do you know where your water line hooks up to your home? Hopefully you do, since this is likely the point where you’ll also find your emergency shut-off valve. If you suspect that you have a water leak in your water main, head to this point and listen. Do you hear a rumbling or hissing sound? Then your main water line may be compromised. What you’re hearing is the result of water leaking out of the pipe, even though you aren’t using any at the moment.
  • Loss of Water Pressure: If you have a leak in a water pipe, you may notice an increase in your water bills. You don’t really want to be waiting for the water bill to roll in if the problem is with your main water line, however. There is one other indicator to be aware of, though. It won’t always be an issue, but some main water line leaks result in a loss of water pressure throughout the house. If you’ve noticed lackluster water pressure in the shower recently, you may have a leak in your water main.

Give The Sunny Plumber a call today if you suspect a problem with your water line.

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