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Is Your Toilet Telling You There’s Trouble?

plumberAh, the toilet. If there were a single plumbing fixture that sums up the importance of the modern plumbing system, surely it would be this one. Considering how undeniably important the toilet is to daily life, it’s somewhat surprising to realize how many people ignore signs of trouble with their toilets in Tucson. While major backups are tough to overlook or brush under the rug, there are plenty of other toilet issues that are a easier to force out of your mind.

Don’t do it! We understand that pausing your busy day to get a plumber out to the house may seem like a hassle—although we do make it incredibly easy and convenient. But trust us, it’s nowhere near the hassle of dealing with problems that could have easily been avoided. So keep these warning signs in mind, take them seriously, and be sure to work with a Sunny Plumber when the time comes to schedule your plumbing services.

Water Surrounding the Toilet

Have you noticed some water surrounding your toilet at any point? Are you concerned about warped flooring or tiles beneath the toilet? You’re right to be concerned. Water damage is a serious matter no matter what the source of water may be. Throw in the prospect of a cracked toilet in need of replacement, and you’ve really got a headache on your hands.

Obviously, we can come fix your toilet for you (when possible—porcelain cracks mean replacement). However, you should figure out if your toilet is actually leaking first. There are a few places water may leak from. Around the base, in which case we’ll need to remove the toilet to get to the issue; from the tank or bowl, which will require replacement; or from the supply lines running to the toilet, an easier fix. However, it could also be from condensation dripping off the toilet, so rule that out first.

It Just Keeps Running

Does it seem like your toilet is training for a marathon with the amount it’s running? If so, you can’t just tune it out. Sure, it may not seem like a pressing matter because the toilet isn’t leaking all over the floor, but have you considered what that running means? It means that, for some reason, water is going to waste. The toilet tank wouldn’t be filling if it weren’t losing water.

There could be a leak at the base of the tank running into the bowl, or you could have a bad gasket at the bottom of the tank. Whatever the case, here’s a motivator: Regardless of whether or not you are using the water running through that fixture—you’re paying for it!

Drains Aren’t Draining

If there’s one problem that homeowners love to think they can handle on their own when it comes to the plumbing, it is the clogged drain. Yes, you can buy drain snakes and liquid chemical cleaners. No, they won’t even come close to producing the results a professional can offer. If your drains are frequently clogging, it’s because they aren’t being cleaned and cleared effectively. We’ll make sure that they are!

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