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Is It Time for Repiping?

sunny-plumberFor a lot of people, the idea of a “home improvement” project is more aesthetic than anything else. Maybe you want to revamp your deck, or paint/side your house to make it more visually appealing. Others blend both fashion and function. Putting up new shutters, repaving an ugly, cracked, or rutted driveway, for instance. But some of the most important home improvement jobs are the ones that offer no visual benefit. Repiping a home is certainly one prime example of this.

When you hire a professional plumber in Green Valley, AZ to repipe your house, it is entirely a matter of function. It is a matter of protecting the integrity of your plumbing system, so that you can count on the reliable delivery of potable water throughout your home. It is also a matter of protecting your home from serious damage caused by damage to these pipes. This all begs the question of when you are supposed to be repiping your home, of course.

There Is No Concrete Answer

If you ever encounter a plumber that says “well, your pipes are this old, so you need to repipe your house now,” you know that you have found a plumber you cannot really trust. Yes, the age of your home and your plumbing system should be taken into serious consideration when deciding what to do about your pipes. This is not the only factor to consider, however. In truth. it may not carry as much weight as some people may lead you to believe.

Okay, So What Answers Do We Have?

Well, there are certain types of pipes that should definitely be replaced no matter what. Lead pipes, for example, can last a century, but can also introduce lead into your drinking water. You don’t want lead paint laying around your house, so you definitely don’t want lead in your water! If you have a plumbing inspection and hear the word “lead” or you buy a home and lead pipes are disclosed, that right there is cause for repiping.

A few decades back, Polybutylene pipes were also quite common. They don’t pose a health risk like lead,  but they are prone to ruptures. If you have these in your home then, again, you should definitely think about repiping.

Issues with specific types of pipes aside, there are some common sense factors at play here. Do you find yourself scheduling service to have damaged pipes replaced with any frequency or regularity? If so, then yes, repiping your house may be the way to go. In fact, while it is a big project, it can also help you to save money in reduced repair costs and, potentially, water damage repairs in the event of a big blowout.

Can I Just Repipe the Problem Area?

Well, you can have individual pipes or an area of your plumbing repaired. Sure, you could take it so far as to repipe a section of your home. As a best practice, however, we’d advise against that. When you mix new materials with old ones, you are starting to ask for trouble. Plus, if all of the piping in question was installed at the same time, it’s highly likely that further issues with the remaining pipes will develop before long.

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