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How Video Pipe Inspection Helps with Drain Cleaning

When water won’t move down a drain in your home, you may try repairing the problem yourself, or you may call the first plumbing company you find in order to try to get the job done quickly. Although you may want your drains unclogged immediately, it’s important that you choose a plumber who will make sure the job is done right. And the best way to ensure a major clog has left your system and that no other problems remain in the pipes is with professional drain cleaning and video pipe inspection.

It would be very difficult to determine the source of some clogs without any viewing equipment. While some clogs are located near the surface of drains, only affecting a single source, sometimes multiple slow or stopped drains indicate that there is blockage deep within the pipes. Professional plumbers want to make sure they know everything about the location of clogs before going into the pipes, so that they can assess the situation and decide on the best way to handle the clog. While the technician may only need a drain auger to pull up the blockage, other problems, such as tree roots, require a different course of action.

Once the clog has been located, many plumbers use hydro jet technology to blast clogs through the drains and into the sewage system with a highly pressurized jet of water. A hose moves through the drain pipes, blasting the insides of pipes, which means that not only will your clog loosen, but any sludge that lines the pipes gets removed as well. Video pipe inspection is then used again to ensure that no potential blockage remains, and that you do not have any additional plumbing problems such as leaks.

A clog can be frustrating and may make many of your daily tasks difficult. That’s why you want to call a plumbing company that will do a thorough job of ensuring the drain pipes are clear and that there are no further clogs affecting your system. You also want a plumbing company that will clear any stuck-on sludge and check for leaks using video pipe inspection. For these services and for more information about drain cleaning in Marana, AZ, call The Sunny Plumber today!

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