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How Is Water Testing Done?

Are you concerned about the quality of water in your home? Have you noticed residue on your drains and faucets? Is a foul odor like rotten eggs coming from your water supply? Does your drinking water have an unpleasant taste? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should consider scheduling water testing in Vail, AZ for your house’s water supply. The water coming to you through the main line from the municipal system might have a large amount of particles and contaminants suspended in it. Additionally, water can pick up pollutants from the ground around your house. Some of these chemicals and particles in your water can cause health problems, while others will cause damage to your plumbing.

Water testing in Vail from an experienced company like The Sunny Plumber will determine what issues are plaguing your water supply and what treatments will best alleviate them.

Water Testing: The Basics

Water testing involves more than using a single sample. A professional plumber will take samples of water from different parts of your home in order to get a general idea of the extent of the contaminants. This sample then goes to a laboratory where chemists put the water through a variety of tests to identify specific pollutants in the water. The tests will look for magnesium and calcium (“hard water”), petroleum traces, insecticide that might have come off the water table, fertilizer that seeped down from the lawn, and chlorine. Your plumber will then contact you with the findings and discuss the ways you can treat your water.

Nothing seems wrong—should I get testing anyway?

Yes, you should. Not all poor quality water is easily detectable. The smell of sulfur will warn you that something is wrong, but traces of fertilizer and chlorine are not as obvious. Hard water can start creating trouble deep in your pipes before you can see it.

Call the Vail plumbing specialists at The Sunny Plumber to determine if you have problems in your water supply that are creating issues without you knowing it. Thorough and professional testing is a good way to make certain you are getting the most from your running water every day of the year.

Schedule your Vail, AZ water testing today with The Sunny Plumber. Once we’re done with testing, we can install a variety of different water treatment systems that will alleviate the trouble.

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