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Why Is Hard Water a Serious Problem?

shower-head-runningCertain issues with your plumbing system will very obviously be serious problems. Think about a burst water line, flooding your front yard, or a toilet backing up into your home—not that these are situations that you really want to think about, of course. Other issues that you may encounter, such as hard water in Tucson, AZ, may not seem as urgent. It is important to remember, however, that hard water is indeed a very serious issue.

Hard water won’t make you or your family members sick, the way water contaminated with certain pollutants can. It will, however, make itself known in a number of ways. If you are concerned with any aspect of your water quality, you can count on our plumbers to find the right system for your home. In the event of hard water, that means using a water softener.

What Exactly Is “Hard Water?”

Hard water is ice, right? Well, not in plumbing terms. Hard water is instead water that simply has a higher than ideal level of mineral concentrations. Typically, we’re talking about calcium and magnesium when the topic of hard water comes up. Neither of these minerals pose a real health risk to you or anyone in your home, as we mentioned above. This does not suggest, though, that you should just ignore the presence of hard water in your home. It can lead to plenty of problems, ranging from the visually unappealing to those actually posing a risk to your plumbing system.

The Issues at Hand

Sometimes, the worst plumbing issues are not those that are immediately problematic. That’s because those tend to be the ones that are repaired in a timely fashion. Hard water may not immediately disrupt your plumbing system’s operation, but it can still lead to real trouble.

  1. Problems flushing your toilet. The minerals in the water can build up in the jets in your toilet bowl, and the toilet may fill very slowly as a result.
  2. Reduced water pressure. Mineral buildups at any given fixture or in a supply line can restrict the flow of water through those pipes/fixtures. This cuts down on the water pressure that you get at the point of use.
  3. Increased water pressure. Even as the water pressure at your fixture(s) fall, the water pressure in the pipes could be building up due to the restriction caused by mineral deposits. This can compromise the integrity of your plumbing system.
  4. Ugly buildups. The white and green deposits that you sometimes see on plumbing fixtures are the result of hard water. Why continue scouring these surfaces over and over, rather than simply softening the water in your home?
  5. Trouble with lathering. Hard water can create a film on surfaces, soaps, and even our bodies. That can make it hard to lather, to get your clothes clean in the washing machine, and to give your hair a thorough rinse after shampooing.

We Install and Service Whole-House Water Softeners

If you are serious about removing hard water from your home, there is no better option than to use a whole-house water softener. These systems treat all of the water coming into your home, not just that from a single faucet. By using resin beads to attract the minerals and replacing them with sodium ions, then flushing out the resin tank as needed, the water softener will leave you with high-quality water throughout the entire house.

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