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Garbage Disposal Tips for the Holiday Season

Garbage disposals have become so common in kitchens that most of us can’t imagine living without them. Though disposals have a reputation for being quite sturdy, they can still develop issues if put under enough demand or exposed to the wrong thing. Stress on garbage disposals tends to be especially bad during the holiday season. If you want to keep your disposal in good shape this winter, read on for a few things you can do.

Avoid Certain Materials

Garbage disposals are not invincible, and certain materials can cause serious problems for them. Very hard materials like ice, bones, or fruit pits should never be put into the disposal, as they can break the impeller. FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) should also never be poured into the disposal. Though these materials are liquid when used in cooking, they congeal into a viscous sludge as they cool. This can restrict the flow of waste into the sewer line, as well as prevent the impeller from spinning properly. Throw these materials away instead.

Schedule Maintenance

It’s not a good idea to wait for a problem with your garbage disposal to start before calling for repairs, at least not if you want to keep the system in top condition. In order to make sure that the system is in top condition before the added stress of the holiday season, you should schedule a maintenance appointment. Preventive maintenance offers your technician the chance to find and fix any developing issues with your garbage disposal before they can cause much damage. This will leave your system much better off in the long run than if you had waited for it to show signs of a problem.

The Sunny Plumber offers garbage disposal services throughout Tucson, AZ. If you need garbage disposal services of any kind, call today to schedule an appointment. 

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