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Everything to Know About Lead Pipes

Lead hasn’t been used for plumbing systems in Tucson since the 1940s. Studies show that lead in main water lines and other pipes can leech into the water supply and cause health problems. This isn’t debated anymore, and we’ve all seen the news stories of old and outdated plumbing systems causing problems for municipalities. The EPA has strict regulations on plumbing systems, and as a result, there aren’t any more pipes constructed with lead.

But many older homes in the Tucson area had their plumbing systems constructed before 1940. This means that your home plumbing in Tucson, unless it’s been completely overhauled, could contain lead pipes that are both hazardous for your health and quickly aging out of use.

We’re going to go over everything you might need to know about lead pipes and point you in the direction of a solution.

Why Lead Pipes Were Used in Homes

Let’s start from the beginning. Lead has always been a useful material for building homes. It’s a mineral that’s fairly easy to mine from the ground. It’s soft and malleable, which means you can easily form it into pipes, or any other architectural structure. Even the ancient Romans built their aqueducts and pipelines with lead!

However, in the 21st century we have much better materials to use for our plumbing systems. Copper, for instance, is a material that corrodes slowly over time, and it’s stronger and more affordable than lead. PVC pipes are also a great alternative, since they’re strong yet incredibly lightweight and some of the most affordable materials on the market. Lead has run its course and we don’t really need to use it for pipes anymore.

What’s Wrong With Lead Pipes?

The big problem with lead pipes is lead poisoning. This happens because, as water runs through a lead pipe, it can absorb small amounts of lead. Even trace amounts of lead in your water can lead to long-term health effects that homeowners should steer away from.

This is why the movement to replace lead pipes has been so strong over the past few decades. Lead poisoning is an extremely harmful effect, and when half of our buildings have lead in the plumbing systems, it takes a widespread movement to have them replaced by materials that won’t poison anyone.

If you were to take a magnet to any of your metallic pipes and it didn’t stick, then you probably have a lead pipe that needs to be replaced.

Get Them Replaced by a Professional

If any of your main water lines have lead pipes, then they need to be replaced immediately. You could be suffering from the negative effects of lead poisoning. Our team can do this replacement quickly and responsibly.

If you’ve got a sewer line or drain line that’s constructed with lead pipes, you might think you’re in the clear, but you’re not! Lead pipes are by default old and will need to be replaced anyway. Sure, you’re not in danger of ingesting lead, but your plumbing system could soon collapse through sheer wear and tear!

The Sunny Plumber Tucson can replace all of your lead pipes easily. Just call us today. Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney!

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